Friday, February 10, 2012

10-Feb-1962 Stockwell's Furniture Store

Saturday, February 10, 1962 must have found at least some of the family shopping in Hillsboro for a new bedroom set including mattress and springs, two lamps and a Fairfield chair.  Also appears that whoever wrote up the statement, miscalculated the total by $10 and thereby miscalculated the tax.

Would this have been when the office was converted to a bedroom?

Stockwell's slogan, "Hillsboro's Newest Suburban Store" seems a strange thing to be advertising, except perhaps that is to inform us how "modern" they are or were in 1962.  I found references online to Stockwell's from 1962 through 1966.  

The address listed on the statement as "Cincinnati Pike" is 935 W Main St., is currently occupied by Holthouse Furniture and there slogan is a more currently apt, "Shop Smart Buy Local."  According to my Hillsboro contact, the Stockwells were bought out by the Starbuck family (presumably not the coffee people) and then Holthouse took over from them.  The Holthouse lady has cancer, someone else is currently interested in the building, and there is currently a going out of business sale – in case anyone wants to rush to Hillsboro for possible furniture purchasing.  [Don't bother rushing, they have since closed.]
10-Feb-1962 Statement from Stockwell's Furniture, Hillsboro, Ohio

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Catherine Uible Morgan said...

After family discussion and a search of my memory banks, the consensus is that this furniture was purchased as a new bedroom set for Mom and Dad, and Catherine moved into the former (and later) office which served as a bedroom for a couple years before the bedroom in the basement was added.

John would have slept primarily in the hallway up until this time but now that he was getting older, he needed his own room. With the addition of MV, two years later, the basement room became my "apartment."

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