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1973 Catherine's letter - Feb. 2

Catherine and X are both about to graduate from library school and are desperate to find jobs – anywhere.  There were plenty of jobs open in North Carolina, but they paid close to minimum wage.  Better jobs were available to X, a man, who could move immediately into a much higher position than were available to women graduates.  Transcription follows.
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February 2, 1973

Dear Mom, Dad, Serena, John and Mary,

Hi! Thanks alot for your last letter and the birthday cards. They arrived right on my birthday so your timing was good. The only thing that closed down here for [Lyndon B., died 22Jan1973] Johnson's funeral was the Post Office.

Thanks for the canner, the timer, and the money. I wasn't expecting the canner since I still had the money you gave us for our anniversary. Maybe I'll transfer that money to a new bicycle fund since we are about to lose one of our bicycles and we will only have one. We have had Paul Hunter's bicycle since June 1971 but he is coming after it either this month or next. The timer we have used to wake us up with the record player in the morning. I also had it connected to a lamp so I could study early in the morning but the bulb burned out so I'll have to get a new bulb before I try that again. I spent $7 of the money to pay my public library debt for the Bring Me a Unicorn book I lost last summer. Then I spent $2 to get a haircut. I got it cut off in layers plus bangs so it really looks different. The remaining $1.00 I thought I would save for an ice cream treat.

So far our attempts to get a job seem to be paying off. X has gotten two letters back from the public library in Sanford, Maine. They want a director and are interested in having a"man" for the job. They are interviewing some other people now and want to get it pretty narrowed down before they have X come for an interview.

(Ithought I'd try to use this stationery up before I left Kalamazoo)

I got a call last night from the Director of the Haywood County Library in Waynesville, N.C. (southwest of Ashville) and she is interested in me for a reference position.  

We have been trying to study hard and get a jump on all our term projects.  We manage to do some other things too.  The other night we went to see slides that 3 guys from Kalamazoo had taken on their Pacific Crest Trail.  One of the guys walked all the way from the Mexico border to the Canadian border, 2400 miles and three pairs of hiking shoes.

The ground hog isn't going to see his shadow around here today.  It's very cloudy and has been raining off and on since yesterday morning.  During January we had hardly any snow at all, mostly rain.  Makes for a strange winter.  I'm xmx sure the snowmobilers and the skiers ate it.  And most of the corn and soybeans are still in the fields.

Well, thanks again for the presents and the cards.

Love, Catherine & X

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