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1943 Jean's letter to her parents - Feb. 28

Jean, age 20, writes a letter to her parents.   We can assume this was her Junior Year at WVU in Morgantown.  Transcription follows.
Sunday – Feb. 28, 1943

Dear Mother and Daddy,
     I tried to call you two or three times Friday night and twice Saturday worring [sic]  when it finally dawned on me that you might be in Pittsburgh.  I didn't want to go ahead and buy the suit without your permission but I thought I'd never find you.

I went down yesterday and had the suit altered and paid for it.  I think you'll really like it – it's just plain navy blue all wool and buttons up to the neck but not necessarily.  Some girl told me Friday afternoon that clothes were going to be rashioned [sic] – I think she got that rumor all over the University and Morgantown too.  Some woman bought twenty-one dresses.

Mrs. Gallop was here last Monday night (a week ago tonight) and all the girls and Mrs. Lollance liked her so much.  She told us about how things were run when she was here.  She gave us a piece of music that Mrs. Elizabeth Davis Richards wrote – My Heart's In West Virginia.  We are anxious to have her come real soon but of course – we doubt, if it will be to dinner.

How are you getting along with your points in rashioning [sic]?  Did you have many cans to declare?  I was awfully sorry I wasn't able to come last week end but I imagine I'll be home the week end following mid-semesters - about March 20th or maybe its the next weekend.  Anyhow don't let that break up your plans for Florida.

I saw two of the best shows this past weekend – "Random Harvest" with Greer Garson and Ronald Colman.  You probably have hard alot about it.

The other was "Shadow of a Doubt" with Theresa Wright and Joseph Conrad [Cotten].  I hadn't expected it to be so good.  If you got see it, you want to get there at the beginning of it.  [Did they have a habit of going to the movies after the starting time?]

I didn't know Jim was leaving for Texas so soon.  It was just by chance that I called Pittsburgh after trying to get the house twice the night before & twice that same morning.

Yes we had a wonderful feast over the chicken and rolls.  Mrs. Loughkalso put in the remains of our supper that Sunday night – cheese, crackers, cakes, cold meat, etc.  It certainly did taste good.

The cookies you told me about that Virginia sent came just a few minutes after I talked to you all.  They were awfully good and it was so sweet of Virginia to send them to us.

I received the skirt this morning and I thing its awfully pretty and so springy looking.  I can't wait until it gets warm enough to wear it.

I got a letter from Hester this morning and she said her father was able to go to the office one morning last week.  She may come up some weekend soon.

Initiation is this coming Saturday and Hell Week (Preparation Week or Courtesy Week – whatever we're supposed to call it) begins tomorrow morning.  They are quite anxious to know when it all begins.

That's a good idea about you and Aunt Leora exchanging food but it seems to me you are doing much more than your part.  But it wouldn't sound like you if you weren't doing twice or more your share.

Your letter was so newsy and long – I really enjoyed it immensely and will look forward to more just like the last ones.  You certainly sound better.

Thank Daddy or whoever is responsible for sending me those grand pencils.  I've been using just stubbs without any eraser for ever so long.  It won't seem natural to use the others.  Those West Virginia stamps were quite clever – what do they come on?

Junie's father who is in the Navy is to go overseas real soon, was here for a few days.  Her mother went down to see him and they came to Chas. where Junie and Rose met them with the car SaFriday.  Ross stayed and the rest came back Sat.  Mr. Gilbert leaves tonight from Grafton for Norfolk.

The Intramural Swimming Meet took place tonight and we won the Melody Relay Race.  The Kappas got the most points, I guess.

Will look forward to your next letter – until then – I am Lovingly ....  Jean
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