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1983 Catherine's Letter - Feb. 22

This letter written on the back of a travel agency booking of flights to Florida in December 1983. Plans later changed due to Roberta's (first) wedding and we went to California and Arizona instead. Transcription follows.

Tuesday, February 22, 1983
Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi!  Hope you are enjoying your stay in Florida.  I thought you might be interested in seeing our scheduled itinerary (sp?) for our Florida trip.  The dates of DeeDee's flight might change as we haven't heard from her yet regarding whether she can take that much time off but at least we have some reservations.  I did check into Amtrak but it wasn't practical.  It would have cost us $1700+ and that would have just gotten us to New Orleans.  They do have connecting bus service to Jacksonville but suggested we would be better off making our own arrangements to travel from New Orleans to Orlando.  This way we will be able to spend more time in Florida and have more money to do it with.

Making the reservations was about the only positive factor of our trip to Bend.  The truck had not been out of Jefferson County in a year and it did not want to go up Juniper Butte.  Gerry had to get out in the middle of a wind & rain storm and try to coax the truck to start so we could crawl up the hill and then we were worried that it wouldn't make it up the hill on the way back so we didn't want to wait until after dinner and have to do it in the dark.  That was just as well as on the way home Wendy got sick.  We thought it might be travel sickness since it had been a long time since she'd ridden anywhere but it lasted all night and the next day and as she got better I got worse.  It was a brief but violent case of the flu.  Now we are all better.  We have to go to Bend again on March 6 but I think we might try to ride with someone else, that is for an Elks deal.

Well, I better close.

Love, Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

P.S.  Any suggestions on where to stay at Disney World?  Should we get a package deal?  We thought we'd spend 3-4 days there first.  How about accomodations [sic] in Lake Worth?
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