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1982 MUH letter - Feb. 27

Should have scheduled this letter last year being the "2" year but here it is a year late.  Love the "Rob in love" segment and the velvet suit, not to mention the Ha! Ha!  trademark etc.  Transcription follows.

SAT. - Feb. 27th [1982] (Fellowship Class Beef dinner to serve 500 people)

Dear Family:  Every time we do this dinner we ALL SAY:  "THIS IS THE LAST TIME ! !"  Since Ray and Helen Brown head it up and he said when he brought 2 ten lb roasts to bake, This is definitely the LAST, I think they really mean it.  This class has deteriorated to the TOURIST CLASS (we had 96 in S.S. last Sunday, and everyone is in their late 70's and 80's.! ! !  Makes us one of the younger members.  HA ! ! !  Report in to work around 3 o'clock after I go over to church proper and practice the hymns for Sunday with the organist . . . . . it is ('Camp meeting Sunday) and the Director wanted me to play the piano with (the organist . . . that should be a riot ! ! !  I've been doing more and more piano playing instead of LESS, which I've been striving for as the joins are acting up and it's a big pain in the neck . . . literally . . ha and now my joints in the thumb are feeling the pressure . . . so it goes ! ! !

Big NEWS around here is that Rob is "In Love" . . . . Cindy B..., from Brazil, Indiana.  She teaches 1st grade at his school and I think the whole school has been trying to set them up since Sept.  But Rob didn't get up nerve enough to ask her out until last week.  I imagine he or they are the talk of the school by now.  Mares, she is a Zeta from Indiana U.  Ixmx  She is a blonde, with pretty eyes, perfect teeth, big mouth, so has a dazzling smile.  She and her girl friend have an apt. out by the Audtitorium [sic], so we will be seeing less and less of Rob.  HA ! ! !  (This could be infatuation you know ? ?)

Now a run-down of my last week . . . can't remember when I last wrote.  I'm getting terrible . . . . I have to keep a close note-book with every move in it ! ! !  Did I mention that we went to Norton Art Gallery last week?  Interesting display of "Table Tops" from ceramics to paper dispose-alls and good exhibit of photographs of West and North West in black and white and sculptor by Graham.  Heard a Symphony form Bulgaria . . . neato . . . played Bridge on Sat. nite I played for Vespers Sunday nite then went to hear a guest harpist and baritone soloists (husband and wife) at Good Shepherd . . . Played for 1/2 hr of pop music for the VIA's (they sing) at the Finnish Nursing home . . . It's better than most I've been in.  Got a perm on Tuesday; Went to last Mission Study on Wed. AM. . . G'Ma enjoyed going to that (get credit for the UMW).  Thurs. AM was a guest at V.A.'s Johnson to her WPB MUSIC and Drama Club . . . . it was a fun time.  Wore my velvet suit with the pants and white blouse.  (It looks harp and I really like it ! ! !).  Yesterday, we dropped everything and Dossetts and us went to the matinee of "On The Golden Pond" and as everyone says, OMIT the profanity and it's a beautiful picutre [sic].  The scenes in it from New Hampshire remind me of Cris's place!!! The music theme was intriguing too.  But I don't see the point of all the cuss words.  (Tho it didn't spoil it for me))  Got home about 3:45 and we played Bridge until 5:30 . . . went out to eat, came home and played Bridge until 10 o'clock.  (My game gets worse instead of better . . . just don't play enough, or take it seriously I guess)

G'Ma is fine!!!  Always this time of year she is getting to us and we go crazy ! ! !  HA ! ! !  But I try to keep my temper and not talk back . . . and that's hard for me.  We're thankful tho that she stays well and her mind in ALERT ! ! !  She a MARVE after you take in the nursing homes.

Your Dad [Uncle Bill to us Uibles] has gone completely NUTTY over this GOLF GAME ! ! !  He doesn't want to do anything else . . . . He probably says the same thing about me with my music and church.  At least we're doing our own thing.  Right ? ? ?

Love, Mary & Bill
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Catherine Uible Morgan said...

HH adds: On MUH the "Ha Ha" was one of her letter trademarks, along with her and GHU's ability to also fill up half of the front of a 1 cent postcard with fine print. Really don't recall MUH using that "Ha Ha" in speaking. Remember when the folks wintered in FL that CJU would often open up the mail he received and use the inside of that envelope for stationery.

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