Wednesday, February 27, 2013

1982 GHU Letter

Another letter a year late, but ties in with the recent (1982) letter from Aunt Mary. Transcription follows.
Sun. evening [presumed date of March 1982]
Dear Folks – This letter may be mixed up as the TV is going four 6 people playing cards & Rob just came in & he is talking about attending Disney World yesterday with his girl Friend Cindy.  Have rec'd the plane ticket & have written out the check for $139 - ready to mail in the morning.  I forgot whether I change or stay on plane at Atlanta but by having a change of flight numbers I expect it means change any way I will find out and act accordingly I wondered about the seat number which I expect is to be obtained.  Hope the trip to Chicago goes well & Serena is getting along nicely.  I do hope she is watching her weight.  Frances & John [Uncle Bill's relatives] are here & she brought her supper with her & is slowly losing weight & is talking about having the loose skin removed by a plastic surgeon which hangs below her chin.  She looks so much better.  She has watched her diet faithfully since last summer & goes to the Dr. regularly every so often. It was good to read about Mary V. rating in the paper on her singing.  Aunt M. looked over the piano number in her music book & she said that number was for college music students & was beyond her now.  Anyway Mary V. is good with her music & that is something to be proud off.

At last it has warmed up with a bang.  Several ladies at Sun. S. made the remark to me this morning that they hoped I would remain through April & May & enjoy the weather.  It is down right hot unless you are in the shade & when we came out of church & into the car it was like an oven.  We have had several hard rains.  Thurs. was the U.MW general meeting I went but getting into the church was a little problem with out getting wet.  We made it & had a very interesting meeting.  A man from Hialeah spoke & showed slides about the (Meth) Retirement Home that he was representing.  Velma McGrew is to go there next month.  She should like it for it sounded and looked as if it would be a nice home.

We attended the play Funny Girl at the play house last week.  It was real good.  Mary was able to buy a single ticket for that.  They have their season tickets & the plays there are most always given for several days at $6.50 a ticket.

We ate out to-day, having lamb for a change.  It was very good & extra tender.  I wrote to Mrs. Clem's so I hope Harold you can help her if she needs something that she [cont'd on left margin of second page] don't know about.  Do hope there will be no bad leaks.  Love, to all, Mother

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