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1983 Catherine's Letter and WW2 Reading List - Feb. 10

While working as Jefferson County Librarian, Catherine wrote a weekly column on books for the local newspaper. A draft of a column on books about World War Two to tie-in with the Winds of War television mini-series was enclosed with this 1983 letter. Transcription of the letter follows.
Thursday, February 10, 1983

Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi!  It seems like every time I mail a letter to you I open my mailbox and there is a letter from you -- fast response!  I thought today I would try opening the mailbox first and then I could least acknowledge receipt before mailing this.

Everything is going fine here.  I got the lodge quarterly report done by the deadline yesterday and now I am working on the club monthly report which is due next Tuesday.  That will be followed by doing payroll on the 16th and then we will start working on the Bulletin.  This weekend the Elks are having a "Sweetheart Ball" so we will be going to that.  Before the dance they are having a German dinner with all the ladies receiving a free dinner so that should help the crowd.
Wendy was supposed to stay all night with a friend last Saturday but it was cancelled at the last minute as her friend had been misbehaving.  We rescheduled it for this Saturday night and then yesterday I got a call from her Mother saying she had forgotten they already had plans for this Saturday so now Wendy will be disappointed again.  She called late last night and I didn't have a chance to tell Wendy and I didn't want to tell her this morning before she went to Day Care so I guess I'll have to tell her tonight.  Maybe we can have one of her friends stay all night on Friday night since we already have plans for Saturday ourselves.

Did I tell you we are going to Reno in March?  It is a package deal through the Elks.  Madras Lodge is sponsoring a bus and going through a travel agent to get group deal on lodging etc.  It will cost us $85 each for transportation, two nights lodging, and one meal.  We will leave Friday morning March 18th and return Sunday evening.  It is about a 10 hour trip to Reno.  Wendy will be staying with the Bowdens, the same people she has stayed with when we went to Convention, the ones with the 12year-old twins.  Carl Bowden is going to be an Elks officer next year also so I don't know what that will do to our place to leave Wendy if they will be going to conventions also.  The next Elks convention is in May in Seaside.

Today is the Red Cross blood drive here in Madras and will make my 49th pint.  I was in charge of the calling committee but finally managed to get out of that last fall.  Now the Chairman tells me that the new person is not doing the job and she wondered if I would like to take it back again.  I don't think I need to add anything new to my schedule right now.  I am still trying to eliminate things!

Wendy decided last week that she had had enough of pre-school and she was ready to go back to kindergarten.  She was ready to "learn".  I tried to explain to her that she wouldn't be able to go back to kindergarten until September but I'm not sure that I really got through to her.  The other misconception she has is that all her friends from kindergarten will be going to K. again next year.

Are you going to Florida soon?  Roberta mentioned that she would be meeting you there.  Our tentative plans for Florida are to take two weeks off before Christmas and one week after.  And go to Disney World/EPCOT before Christmas.  We got Steve Birnbaum's (sp?) guide to Disney World and according to him it isn't crowded there until Christmas Day and after.  He says that between Thanksgiving and Christmas is the slowest time of the year.  We are still thinking of going AMTRAK although I contacted them for information and they never got back to me.  I guess I'll have to try going through a travel agent.

Got to run . . . . .   Love, C, G & W
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