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1973 Catherine's letter - Feb. 9

7 A.M. Friday
February 9, 1973
Dear Mom, Dad, Serena, John & Mary,

Hi! Here I am in the laundramatte. X has got all his reservations & s ready to take off for Maine on Sunday.  We ran into quite a problem.  He had planned to fly to Portland and then rent a car to go to Sanford.  That way he could look around the countryside while he was there.  So yesterday he called Avis to reserve a car & it turns out that they won't accept cash unless you are over 25.  Otherwise you have to have Master Charge or some other big credit card.  So he checked out the bus schedule & it turns out that the only buses to Sanford from Portland are through Boston.  So now he is flying to Boston.  I'm going to drive him to the Detroit airport & stay with a friend in Ann Arbor until Monday night when he comes back.

Thanks for the money & the cards.  It is just as well that you didn't get the robe.  The money bought 3/4 of a new winter coat.  Neither of his other coats are at all dressy so it was a necessary item.
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Did Serena get the birthday present we sent her?  Hope she gets a positive response from Hope soon.

The clothes are on the last rinse already.  This is a pretty speedy place.

We picked 3 dozen carrots & some parsnips from the garden during the warm spell last week.  Excellent!  It is now 5ยบ so I guess it's back to winter again.  

Did I tell you that Dave Roeltgen is going to med school in Boston?  He is getting married in August.

The clothes are done so I guess I'll sign off & go home and hang them up.

Love, Catherine & X

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