Thursday, February 14, 2013

1993 Crowsons Valentine & Church Music Ministry Goals

Ginny celebrates her first Valentines Day and her Mom writes a note on the Valentine card sent to Ginny's grandparents and included her church music ministry goals for 1993.  Note, but not the the goals, is transcribed following the card.

Thanks so much for meeting us in Lexington this weekend and the treats (dinner, brunch & hotel).  I know we all enjoyed seeing you.

Sorry we won't see you on [MV drew a heart] day but hope you enjoy the enclosed little keepsake. I thought it was cute and is small enough to set out at home or carry along as the case my be. Tonight she ate 4 oz baby food, 9 oz formula and 3 vanilla wafers before she got full!! It must be growth spurt time.

We had a nice visit w/our friend Len & Betsy Phillips; they are doing deputation (fundraising) to go to Argentina as missionaries.  They will got to language school for a year in Costa Rica first.

Hope N.Y.C. goes well.  We'll talk to you when you return.

With our love – The Crowsons

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