Saturday, February 23, 2013

1993 MV's letter - Feb. 23

MV writes a letter a few days before her birthday. Front page scanned, entire letter transcribed below.


2:30 PM

Dear Mom & Dad –
Right now I'm sitting on the playground of the Primary School in Somerset!  It's FREEZING I imagine the temperature in the 20's . . . . We are here each Tuesday; My afterschool group is grades 2&3 and go to 2 different schools.  The first School dismisses@2:15, the second at 3:07.  The first week we met, we were on the church van the whole time between.  Since then I've gotten wiser & we go to the playground until 2:50 then to school #2.  One day it rained, but otherwise it's been a good plan.  Today's a bit chilly.

Ginny has a terrible cough/cold.  It started 2/19 z- she felt bad and ran a fever for a few hours.  Since she's been congested and wants to sleep a lot.  I've not taken her to the Dr. as I keep thinking it might be related to her teething, but thus far thee is no sign of new teeth.  She has been enjoying cheerios, Rice Krispies, Green Beans & anything else non-spicy that she can gum to death.

Don is taking a "church planting" class at ATS for his required Continuing Education.  He's really enjoying it and you never know when it might come in handy.  For his project he is writing a proposal to plant a church in S.W. Somerset.

I got our Tickets from Phx–Lubbock last week – we will leave for Lubbock @1:30 PM on Monday, so I think we may go to Mesa Sunday PM & possibly spend the night with them.  Just for reference, I'll be bringing Ginny's portable play pen, which she can sleep in on the trip.

We continue to be happy with our Honda – the only problem has been getting it licensed with the Co. Clerk's office.  Each time I go tot he C.H. with the papers they tell me I need something else. Tomorrow I hope to make my 4th and final trip.

Thanks for the birthday money.  I've used it to buy some new clothes and a couple books I've been wanting.  Wish we were with you in Guatemala (warm!).

With our love – The Crowsons
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