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1983 Family Letter - Feb. 6

Sunday evening
Feb. 6, 1983
Dearest Family -

Here it is February and a slight skiff of snow in the air and on the g ground though they keep saying or rathe predicting more.  I'm not too disappointed if this would be the mildest winter yet.

Just heard on 60 MINUTES that they did a segment on the Rajneesh (sp?) at Antelope, Oregon which we missed.

We met John and X yesterday at the Eastgate Mall in Columbus, Ohio and had lunch at theBrown Derby Restaurant, which was a good value.  They had a HUGE salad barn complete with a large pot of suit.  The movie Gandi was playing at one of the theaters in themall so went there at 4:45.  The movie had bad moments but on the whole is definitely worth seeing . . . made us curious about wanting to read more about the life of Gandi.  
Today we attended Sunday and School and Church with the family.  There was NN ORdination service for John as an Elder of the Church, which was quite impressive.  John and X also lead a Sunday School class.  We are glad they they are active in a Church.  The classes last an hour and were blessed with quality as well . . . Mary Virginia also thought so.

X prepared a great dinner for us which we all enjoyed.  Did call Marian Hiestand Rousxh and told me that they went on a camping trip to Florida (Orlando area) at Christmas time with her new husband's children.  She also mentioned that while Joe Hiestand was in Florida his tropheies, etc. etc. were taken from their house in Hillsboro, Ohio.

Eight Lions from the Hillsboro Club visited our Club last Wednesday night, one of which was George Shaffer.  Seems also like yesterday that we use to go swimming and ice skating out there.

The Salisburys came in Friday eveing to talk about our up comming trip to NYC . . . . in fact this Thursday noon and will return the following Tuesday.  Hotel rates are less than they were last year . . . . competition does help on keeping prices down.  Oh yes, wasin Woolworths in Columbus and the paddle ball that we sell them for less than 20¢ was on the counter for 79¢.  The malls around here are pretty places to visit, but not for bargains.

Nothing has happened to the old Monarch Restaurant building since the owner got out an injuction to stop the demolition.  Hopefully a good wind will come and along and blow in the right direction.

Are any of you watching "Winds of War" tonight?  It is hard to believe that things that we have witnessed in our short lives is now history.  Kroger had a sale bill up in the store from their grand opening in 1941, which had such items as Porck chops, center cut at 19¢ a # and bananas for 5¢ a #.

[Love, etc.]

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