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1953 Jean's letter to her mother ~early Jan.

The inside pages of a longer letter from Jean to her mother, Lucie Brown Ballantyne, offer a few clues to the date it was written.  The mention of Dr. Fullerton doing better most likely refers to  his having a heart attack which she mentioned in a postcard on Dec. 1, 1952.  And the fact she received new stationary by Feb. 2 and the mention of a dress for Catherine's birthday indicate this letter was written prior to February 1953.

The beginning and end of this letter may yet appear and more pieces of the correspondence puzzle can be put together then.  Transcription follows.
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[Middle pages undated, presumed to have been written early to mid January 1953]
. . . . them removed from her other eye.

Roberta has had a breaking out under her arm so took her to Dr. Fullerton yesterday – he said if she had been using deodorant that looked like the cause but at her age he doesn't know what it is.  Anyway he gave us some salve to put on it & hope it helps it.

The dinner went off fine for the Swim Assoc. that the Redeemers put on – didn't seem near so hard – course we had the experience of the other one & the menu was much easier (ham, scalloped potatoes, succotash, hot rolls, jelly, jello salad, relishes & pie.  I bake one of the hams (they had 170 pounds) and two pies and helped for awhile that evening.

The weather has been beautiful – like spring for a few days but today its cooler & to go down to 10┬║ above tonight.

I'm feeling fine now – the doctor checked me too while I was in with Roberta & says I check out fine.  Its funny how my aching joints seemed to leave me all of a sudden.

Dr. Fullerton is much better – his office was packed – he really does too much with no nurse or receptionist either who could alleviate alot of the work.

The girls are fine (with the exception of Roberta's arm which doesn't seem to bother her at all).  Catherine entertained all the people in the waiting room with her comments.  One woman thought she (Catherine) looked like me, another thought she resembled her grandmother Uible so she said . . . .

[from left margin of left page]
As far as Catherine is concerned either dress or money would be very suitable.  She has really only two new-looking dresses plus the jumper & shirt outfit!
[from left margin of right page]
Roberta still is all jabbering & no talk – a wonderful eater.  Catherine had Sharon Cornelius down for supper last night & they had such a good time together.  

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