Sunday, July 15, 2012

1992 Yellowstone postcards

Shortly after Ginny was born, her Uible grandparents visited her and her parents then took off on a whirlwind tour using Delta bargain tickets, flying from Cincinnati (?) to Salt Lake City where they rented a car and visited Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons.
Moose WY (Grand Tetons) Episcopal Chapel of the Transfiguration postcard mailed to Wendy July 14, 1992.  Captioned: CHAPEL OF THE TRANSFIGURATION, Moose Wy.  Worshippers in the Chapel of the Transfiguration have an inspiring view through a spacious plate glass window, framing lofty Grand Teton Peak which rises to an elevation of 13,766 feet.
July 13, 1992
Have enjoyed both the Grand Tetons & Yellowstone Park.  Lots of buffalo close to the road tho we have not had any buffalo burger yet.

No swimming here as the temperature drops to the 30ties @ night.  Plan to be back in S.L.C. on Thurs. with our rental car.  Love, G'Ma & G'Dad.
Moose WY (Grand Tetons) Episcopal Chapel of the Transfiguration postcard written to Kings, July 13, 1992.  Captioned: Episcopal Chapel of the Transfiguration, Moose WY.  Built in 1925 at historic Menor's Ferry on the Snake River in Jackson Hole, the rustic simplicity of the Chapel blends into the inspiring scenery of the majestic Teton Range.  Sunday services June through September.
7/13/92 - Hi -
[written by HH] Took this across [Menor's Ferry underlined].  We stayed near here for 2 nights & are now in Yellowstone.  R. do you recall our trip here in '62??

Lots of hiking area here - we walked [rest written by Jean] ½ mile to the Yellowstone Falls.  Pix doesn't do chapel justice.  Pix window of the Mts in background & small stained glass on side.  Sat beside woman who lives at 35th & Glendale.   Very interesting.  Attended campground service & also one at hotel.  Enjoying both National Parks.  Much love, Dad & Mother

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