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1982 France & Switzerland with Sankers

Trip with Sankers to France and Switzerland continues.
Roc-Amadour postcard home from HH & Jean July 13, 1982
July 13, 1982
[written by Jean] Have tried to call NV several times but lines out are so busy.  Enjoyed it here but now at Cannes on Riviera.  G'ma would really be shocked at topless sunbathers on beach.

The French pastry is so good.
Drove up to Monaco but Princess Grace didn't invite us to see the palace.  Did see the Casinos but refrained from gambling.

[written by HH] Had supper @ a French Cafeteria and my serving of B. Sprouts was 27 pieces.  Had bkfst on the beach – 3 minutes away.  Head north today to Geneva, Switzerland.  --Jean & Harold

Postcard from Switzerland - July 15, 1982 to Uibles & Friends
7-15-82 Switzerland
Hi – We are here tonight and plan to take the tram up to the real "Matterhorn" tomorrow.  There is still snow there.  Earlier today we saw Palm trees.  Lots of beautiful flower gardens – MV would really be impressed.

Been in several stores – looking for our daily (picnic) needs and toys are mostly from Hong Kong.

Yogurt is good, w/milk in non refrigerated cartons.  Tastes like canned milk.

Hope MV is feeling better and is enjoying the garden.  The Swiss have used every ⃞  inch for farms, etc.  See you all soon.  --J&H

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Catherine Uible Morgan said...

From HH: It was a great trip, tho the Sankers style was different than ours, they liked to eat at McDonalds, etc and just drive thru places rather than getting out and seeing things first hand.

Peaches was a great traveling spouse.

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