Monday, July 09, 2012

1962 Seattle World's Fair & West US - Week 2

Week 1 - New Vienna, Ohio to Salt Lake City, Utah ~2000 miles
Week 2 - Salt Lake City, Utah to Los Angeles, California  ~1200 miles June 27-July3

The second week on the road took the Uible family south from Salt Lake City through Bryce and Zion National Parks and on into Arizona where we stayed in a cabin at the north rim of the Grand Canyon.

We did some hiking at Bryce and Zion and I can remember Mother complaining about the switch-backs and Dad replying, "We're almost there luscious, just a few more turns."  It was hot.

The Grand Canyon – an open area full of clouds and mist, not all that spectacular, a disappointment after the striking rock formations of Bryce.  Possibly there were bears near the cabin, or someone thought they saw a bear, or Roberta saw a postcard of a bear.

Our first view of California wasn't all that impressive either, after expecting palm trees and beaches, the interior desert looked more like the setting for Death Valley Days, the 20 Mule Team off in the distance.

It was also about this time in the trip when Serena and John both became ill with no apparent symptoms, causing enough concern for a stop at an emergency room, where they were diagnosed with fever of unknown cause, if not better in 24 hours seek additional medical services.  Chicken-pox appeared within 24 hours and at the same time as the only scheduled day at Disneyland.  Mom and Dad took turns sitting on a bench with them, while other visitors steered clear of possible contagion.

Itinerary for the Week included these stops, which do not necessarily indicate stops for the night.

June 27 Wednesday - Bryce National Park - 271 miles - hiking
June 28 Thursday - Grand Canyon National Park - 159 miles - bears?
June 29 Friday - Zion National Park - 86 miles - more hiking
June 30 Saturday - Boulder Dam - 291 miles - big dam, big lake
July 1 Sunday - Barstow CA - 165 miles - this is California?
July 2 Monday - Anaheim or Buena Park CA - 108 miles - John & Serena taken to emergency room
July 3 Tuesday - Disneyland - Chicken Pox!

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