Friday, July 06, 2012

1972 Roberta in Venice - July 6

Wonder how much luggage Roberta took with her in 1972?  And how many souvenirs she has added?  Venice is stop #6 after London, Paris, Heidelberg [postcard], Lucerne, and the Swiss Alps.
Postcard from Roberta to Hortons - July 6, 1972 from Venice
July 6, 1972
Hi!  Thanks so much for your letter!  Now in Venice where the streets are canals and the cars are boats!

Switzerland was so beautiful!  With all the mountains, water-falls, wild-flowers, etc.

Tonight we are to go in a gondola ride – that should be fun.

Italian ice cream is really good!  I saw rats in the canal – ugh!  Write again, OK?  Love, Bert

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