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2002 Email from Roberta - July 5,7

Thanks to Roberta for emails in 2012 as well as this one from 10 years ago.

From: Roberta & Sid
To: Family
Sent: Friday, July 5, 2002
Subject Re: Happy Fourth!

Hi, and thanks for the email, MV.  We too were at the pool today.  We went  but mind you not on purpose right at the end of the children's time.  The pool closest to us has children's hours from11 to 1 PM.  There is a remarkable difference in the amount of splashing hat goes on during that time.  And also the "watch mes" that happen then too.  Should we bring bathing suits to [Dahlonega] Georgia?

Most of you have met Gloria friend from the county.  She got Serena in touch with the right department way back when and that department was quick to grab up Serena.  She has also helped several friends and acquaintances get through the system too and on the payroll.  Another long story to make bearable she is moving to Idaho the end of the month.  Their house sold and folks getting it want it now.  Gloria wants to be closer to family.  Hint, hint.  From the first time I met her she commented that they were only living here because her husband had been transferred here.

We just got back from the biggest ice cream social I have ever been to or will ever go to.  They did do something smart and that was to have the lines inside versus out in the 109 degrees.  There was some music but the people noise outdid them.  I think there were over 1000 people there.  We ran into some folk we know.

Did bike today with the gals and Ruth And DC Black.  They had not ridden in over a year but thanks to their walking and hiking they do fine.  We had breakfast at the five and diner place.  Do you all have them?  They have a nice menu and the waitresses chew big wads of gum.  Got in just under 30 miles and when we started at 5:15 it was very pleasant.  Can't say the same thing when we quit.

More later.  Gotta check out the ER scene.  You know the one on television.  Good to talk with you today, Mom and Dad.  Glad you are back home safe and sound and feeling so good Mom.  [after Chautauqua]  More later.  Trust you all had a happy Fourth.  Love, Roberta.

From Roberta & Sid
To: Family
Sent: Sunday, July 7, 2002
Subject: Sunday Evening

Hi, thanks for the email, Mom and Dad. I must have called Ruth [Shoemaker] soon after you left.  She was telling me how much she enjoyed your visit, and also that she had to ask several times since her hearing has begun to be terrible.

We have had a busy weekend.  Went out to see a lady last night who used to live at Senior Village.  She had left SV about Christmas time and broke her hip just a few weeks ago.  I did not recognize her in the dining room  Too many little skinny ladies with white hair there.  And they had her hair in a pony tail on top of her head ---- I had never seen it like that before.  Then se did not recognize me.  She will be 100 in August.

The Bell REcreation center had a special Christmas in July doings yesterday.  We went over and walked around.  Hit up the library and got the video tape of Barbara Johnson – you know the put a geranium in your hat lady.

We did go see the first hour of the Harry Potter movie – it was free.  And one hour was enough for us.  Before the first hour was up Sid had asked me about three times "how much longer" so after the third time, I said, time for us to go.

We are looking forward to the [Dahlonega] reunion.  I was going to lose 10 pounds, but instead gained 5.  Let me just give you the details of one day when I came home from work last week.  Sid had made a batch of brownies, some chocolate chip cookies, some wonderful bran muffins, and a loaf of bread.  So I made the rounds with the neighbors and people could have their choice of two...or three... or all four.  Some folks are almost grabby, and some down right backwards.  Life is interesting...especially living in Sun City.  Ha

We got a breat machine at work.  The first loaf was a disaster – found out later the men had opened up the machine and stirred things up to help (???) it along.  The next loaf I made, and put the machine in the far corner and let no one go near it and it turned out fine.  We should have had an actual break knife there as we sure had to tear it apart but it tasted good so that was ok.

Sid is on the phone with his nephew, whose Dad died this past year.  His birthday would have been tomorrow – last year was his big birthday and we were all there.

I need to be on the phone so more later.  Love to all, Roberta

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