Monday, July 02, 2012

1972 Mexico trip continues - July 2

Previous postcards from the Mexico trip for the 1972 Lions Convention include:

Taxco Mexico postcard mailed 1972
Taxco Mexico postcard from HH to Hortons - July 2, 1972
Here last night after a 3 hr. bus trip from MC [Mexico City]. It is like an old town in Spain – noted as the silver capitol.  Oh the steep streets and the cobble stones – like a side trip to Spain.  Now in Acapulco – 4 more hours on the bus – nice & A.C.  We have a suite on the 8th floor – right on the ocean – glad we are not paying directly for it.  Ha.  Lions convention in '73 in M.B. [Miami Beach]
Love, the 4 Uibles.

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