Tuesday, July 17, 2012

2002 Roberta's memories of Goodings - July 14

Bob, Beverly, Lisa and Jim Gooding attended the same session of family camp at Indianola as the Uibles in the mid-60s.  Roberta sends a draft of a message she plans to send to the Goodings on the occasion of their Golden Wedding Anniversary in 2002.  Beverly, born July 7, 1931, passed away April 7, 2007.  A somewhat modified and edited version transcribed below.

It is with great fondness that I think of you good people today as you celebrate your big FIVE OH!  And I hope it is OK if I don't limit my thinking and writing to just one memory!  How could I put over 35 years of friendship into just one memory?  Of course I would be remiss not to mention UMC camp INDIANOLA!  And then you folks were there when I was learning to drive.  My memory is great of trying to go over some railroad tracks during that time.  And the bike ride early one Sunday morning from New Vienna to Bellbrook.   And how we went to the movie – was it "The Graduate?"

And how many states DARE I mention?  Of course Kentucky and many trips to WILMORE; and then the time in Arizona and the Grand Canyon experience and the meal at the famous Mexican restaurant in South Phoenix...and...and...and....

Of course it is impossible to sum up all the fun times, in Bellbrook, New Vienna, or out on canoes.  And so much fine dining, like Young's Dairy Bar in Yellow Springs.

I want to close by saying THANKS ... for helping make such wonderful memories.  And for allowing me the pleasure of enjoying them then and now as I sit back and enjoy them again!

Then there was the YMCA of the Rockies and all that entailed And how you all made the effort to come to Southern Indiana when Dad and I did the bike ride.

I only wish I could stop in not just to wish you the best on your big FIVE OH but that I could stop in throughout the year too.  I ALWAYS enjoy hearing my folks tell of their latest visit with you folks.  I look forward to hearing of your big celebration this next weekend.

See you on my next trip to Ohio!

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