Thursday, July 12, 2012

1992 Roberta's letter to GHU ~ July

Roberta writes a letter to Grandma of which page 1 is scanned.  Entire letter transcribed below.
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[Sunday, ~July or August 1992]

I just got back from a special music program at our church – only about 40 people there & 10 of those were myself & a friend & 8 Senior Citizens from Senior Village.  Our sanctuary is so BIG that 40 people look lost – too bad church members are not in HABIT of going on Sunday nites.

Sid is up in Northampton, MASS – visiting SARA.  It's been over 110° here but he tells me how COLD he is!  Remember how COLD we got on the trip to ALASKA!?

Wendy went to Church w/me this morning, then we ate out at cafeteria.  She had fried chicken & couldn't eat it all – so I ate some of her meal – must start my diet in September! (after I get back from OHIO)

I'll enclose program from music, Aunt Mary might enjoy looking it over.  Our ORGAN sure sounds good & they say it needs 300 Thousand dollars REPAIR JOB!

The cats are fine.  Would you like a Recent picture of them?  I hope you had a great visit w/Mary Virginia & her husband & their BABY – your great grand-daughter!  LOVE you GRANDMA!

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