Monday, June 04, 2012

1972 Postcard from John

John and probably MV also, went to Mexico City with Mom and Dad for a Lions Club Convention in late June 1972. Transcription follows.
Postcard of Mexico City sent June 29, 1972
John's postcard to GHU from Mexico - June 29, 1972
Dear Grandma,
We are really enjoying Mexico.  Dad and I climbed the highest Pyramid in N. America.  236 BIG steps.

We heard the President of Mexico speak last night.  We also saw the flags of all the countries which have Lions.  117 of them.  It was a long ceremony.

Your grandson,
John B. Uible


Mary Uible Crowson said...

Not necessarily applicable but side notes---yes, I was on this trip and as I recall it was on the same trip that JB contracted typhoid fever/salmonella and spent several days in ICU at Christ Hospital in Cincinnati upon our return. I stayed with the Thornburgs as Dad went ahead on the planned BSA trip to Philmont despite John's hospitalization. Mom stayed in Roberta or Serena's apartment near UC? It was on this same trip that we met the Mulders, an older couple from Dayton attending the convention. As I recall we went to Mexico City first, then a night or two in Taxco and a few days in Acapulco before returning to New Vienna.

Catherine Uible Morgan said...

Thanks, MV. You may have noticed the other postcard from that trip mentions the "4 Mexico Uibles" which was another clue you were on that trip. Dad was asking me recently about Philmont and who went which year, so that helps explain the timing. I wasn't sure if John had gotten sick in Mexico or in Peru which was 1973. I'm glad to hear you got to go "somewhere" since you missed the big trip to/from Seattle.

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