Tuesday, July 03, 2012

1972 Roberta goes to Europe

While four of the Uibles were in Mexico, Roberta headed off to Europe – eight "Happy Weeks" touring the continent and visiting Denmark, France, Yugoslavia [civil war there began in earnest in 1974 and Yugoslavia had evolved into different areas of control by 1992], Italy, Switzerland, Holland, Austria, Czechoslovakia [split into Czech Republic and Slovakia in 1993], Greece, Germany, and Sweden.

The eight week program began in Washington DC on June 19 with a flight to London.  Heidelberg was the third stop after London and Paris.
Heidelberg Germany postcard mailed 1972
[Picture of the old bridge ove the river Neckar.]
1972 Germany postcard from Roberta to Hortons - July 1
July 1, 1972
Hi!  Am having a great time over here – arrived in Heidelberg last night.  Really like it – a lot better than Paris.  The country side is so beautiful!

Four of us went shopping this morning – really funny since know one knew any German.  I bought a beer stein!!  Will I see you all in August?  I get home August 12th!!  Have a great summer!
Love, Bert

Roberta's Europe Itinerary Summer 1972

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