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1992 Life with new baby - Crowsons July 1992

MV's Letter to her parents - July 25, 1992
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Letter from MV to Mom & Dad
Dear Mom and Dad (Grandma and Grandpa),

Greetings from the sleepy household! We are adjusting (we and Ginny) to life as a family, but her average sleep length during the night is about 3 hours per stint. At which time she wakes up, eats, has a diaper change and goes back to sleep . . . sometimes her mother falls asleep rocking her only to awake to find her wide eyed!!  One night this week she did manage to sleep for 5 hours -- we thought we had died and gone to heaven -- but has yet to become a consistent habit!

She is much more alert and looks toward our voices but doesn't seem to be able to focus on our faces.  She has started smiling when she is extremely happy;  she has also started to cry when she is sleepy or wants her diaper changed (at least 15 times a day, I think).  You will see many changes in her when she comes to visit.  Last, but not least, of her accomplishments is getting weaned to the bottle; she will be up to 4 bottles a day starting tomorrow.  She seems just as happy with a bottle (experts say because it's easier for them to get the milk than breastfeeding), so within the next 10 days or so she should be totally on the bottle.  Solid food will start in 2-3 months.

Don has been very busy with his work; today is the first day he has taken off in 3 weeks (since we came home from the hospital) and it was nice to have him home today.  He is a huge help with Ginny, feeding and holding her (the only thing he won't do is change a dirty [as opposed to wet] diaper).  He was going to go to Lexington on Monday and Tuesday (stay the night) with Ginny and I which meant he wouldn't come to Ohio, but changed his mind and is going to try to get everything done by Wednesday so he can come up with us.  I have an Emmaus Board of Directors Meeting on Monday night and some friends are having a 25th anniversary party on Tuesday, so I'll probably just spend the night keeping Ginny with me.

Roberta called this morning to confirm our Grand Canyon plans.  She is very organized and putting a lot of time into this, which I appreciate and hope the others do also.  We also appreciate the "scholarship assistance", as Roberta puts it, from you good folks.  We are excited about the trip and the opportunity!  Roberta said that she would put us in the same room with you all so that Mother and Don can share the joy of looking after Ginny during those 36+ hours.  Plus it will save getting another room just for us.  Hope that is okay with you folks.  We will probably fly to Phoenix on Wednesday night as my Spring Break starts the following week.  I believe.

Well, Ginny has decided to wake up (10:30 PM must be too early for bed or we have a dirty diaper).  So I will close for now.  We're looking forward to seeing you Thursday.  We will call before we leave Thursday morning so that you know what time to expect us.

Love, MV, Don & Ginny

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Interesting...must have done on a typewriter because we didn't have a computer that I remember, but I don't remember having a typewriter either!!

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