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1962 Seattle World's Fair & West US - Week 4

Week 4 - Madras, Oregon to Seattle World's Fair to Butte, Montana ~ 1000 miles, July 11-17

for previous weeks descriptions:
Week 1 - New Vienna, Ohio to Salt Lake City, Utah ~2000 miles
Week 2 - Salt Lake City, Utah to Los Angeles, California  ~1200 miles June 27-July3
Week 3 - Los Angeles, California to Madras, Oregon ~ 1000 miles, July 4-10

1962 Seattle World's Fair Trip, Week 4 Hotels & Mail Stops
Perhaps we would have spent another five minutes in Madras, Oregon had we known one of us would be living there in the future, but Seattle's Space Needle was beckoning and there were more fun things to do and see in the wide west of 1962.  

From Madras, the travelers headed north on US-97 to the Columbia River which had an exciting ferry crossing to Washington state.  A bridge at that location opened in November, 1962.  The Columbia River dam and fish hatchery were memorable.  After Yakima went to Mt. Rainier en route to Seattle.  Stayed in a small trailer in Seattle.

Visited the Schamauns [what were they doing in Seattle?] and a friend of Jean's from library school and her family, the Nugents.  The Nugents were on what seemed like a weird diet, though their children did not hesitate to eat much forbidden food on the sly.
1962 Postcard from Seattle World's Fair - July 13
Captioned:  SEATTLE WORLD'S FAIR Industrial Exhibits. Color photo by Mike Roberts
July 13, 1962
[written by Jean] Sure plenty to see here.  Space Needle so far has been out of the question 45 min. to 3 hours wait.  Went this morning – children are napping so plan to go back this evening.  Our trailer is extra nice.

Key to upstairs apt. is in H's middle drawer (shop) in envelope marked "Key."  Crabtrees leave key to their former apt.  Upstairs rents for $35.  Downstairs for $30.

All fine now.  Saw the Schamauns last nite as planned.  Love to all – HJCRSJ

[note written on top of picture by HH] .... giving up on space needle – think the view from the hills around here will be good enough for us – cheaper anyway.

[and on far right side of picture by HH] 
got in line here [with arrow toward Ford building at rear right]  2 hrs.

Assume the rental rates mentioned are for apartments in the former Harris Apt. Building on the corner of SR-28 & SR-73 where the Dollar Store is now situated.  These apartments, where we lived from 1951-1956 were demolished in 1967.

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