Monday, July 23, 2012

1992 Ohio Northern - July

A quick stop in New Vienna after returning from the Utah/Wyoming/Yellowstone/Florida Delta bargain trip, and HH and Jean are off to Ohio Northern University in Ada, Ohio for School of Missions – a fairly regular event for them in the 1990s.
Ohio Northern University postcard to Wendy from her Uible grandparents July 23, 1992
Captioned: Heterick Memorial LIbrary, General University Library Photo by Dr. Robert H. Hilliard

July 23, 1992
Dearest Wendy,
Have enjoyed four days here at the School of Missions.  We remember bringing your mother here about 1967.  It is a beautiful campus.  Plan to stop & see Cris, Angela, Laura & Wil tomorrow.
Did you know you have a new cousin?
Love, G'pa & G'ma Uible

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