Saturday, July 28, 2012

1972 Roberta in Vienna Austria - July 28

Card #4 from Roberta's trip to Europe in 1972 from stop #13.  While in Austria her activities included a picnic on a glacier, Salzburg Water Games, Strauss Waltz Concert and an Heurigen Party.  Before her trip ends on Aug. 12 she has yet to visit Prague, Berlin, Copenhagen, Celle, Germany and Amsterdam.
Vienna, Austria Spanish Riding-School Postcard from Roberta to Hortons - July 28, 1972  
July 28, 1972
Hi!  Thanks for your letter!  I'm really anxious to har about your trip to Atlanta – sounds like a lot of fun!!

We were at this riding school but the horses & men were on vacation!

I really like Austria – beautiful country.  I like the trip a lot but 43 girls can really get on one's nerves!  I'm just not used to being "herded" around – know what I mean?

Vienna is NEAT!  Rode on the world's largest ferris wheel – also on a roller coaster that went 70mph – was it ever scary!  I'll write soon – hope all is A-ok!! Love, Bert

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