Tuesday, May 01, 2012

1982 MV's Piano Recital

Saturday, May 1, 1982 found Mary Virginia participating in a piano recital.  I'd scan the program but (no offense, MV) it's not all that exciting.   The front says Celeste Armentrout Piano Recital 1982 and then there is a list of the participants and their musical selections.

MV's name is listed last – which might mean she was the most accomplished performer and she played Brahms – Rhapsody Op. 79 No. 1.

A timeline of some of the "2" year happenings:

HH in Junior Year of High School

Roberta turns 1

Big events yet to come: CJU & GHU's 50th Wedding Anniversary and the trip west

MV is Brownie Scout
John gets Eagle Scout Award
Serena's a Junior in High School

Lots of interesting details in letters from Mom & Dad including;
MV end of Senior Year in High School
Preparations for GHU's 90th Birthday
Catherine & Gerry active in Madras Oregon Elks Lodge
Serena in Chicago
Roberta working at a Senior Village in Mesa
Melba Fawley's decline
GHU returns to New Vienna from Florida

MV & Don expecting Ginny
Preparations for GHU's 100th birthday, celebration will be shared with Aunt Mary and Uncle Bill's 50th wedding anniversary

Roberta & Sid move to Sun City
HH & Jean take Panama Canal Cruise in February, Cuba in April


Mary Uible Crowson said...

I must admit, I have no recollection of the piano piece I played nor the recital or even where it was. :( Were it not for the program I would probably think it had not happened....sure don't remember any of the other students, although I studied with Mrs. Armentrout another year as I recall. Max Carr, the piano teacher at Wilmington College was too intimidating and I had no desire to spend my life in a stuffy practice room attempting to practice enough to please him.

Catherine Uible Morgan said...

Mary, there is a bit more about the recital in a letter from Dad which will be in the blog soon. The other students included Tricia Guzzi, Bryan DiCenzo, Chris Shanholtz, Alice Sipe, Cathy Chaney, Jenny Harper, Jenna Shanholtz, Amy Dillon, Mark Sipe, Beth McIntire, Tony Guzzi, and Charles Harper.

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