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1982 Letter from HH - May 2

Dad writes a letter on the electronic typewriter. Transcription follows.
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Sunday, May 2, 1982

Dear Family:

Right now, I'm at Wells using the "electronic typewriter" which may or may not be a blessing with my limited typing skills. One sure thing the automatic error correcting feature should be a plus for me ... that is if I notice the error in time.

This afternoon your Mother has gone with a group of the Sunday School teachers to Greenfield Methodist Church for the latest techniques. I took advantage of the time to clean out some of the files and to put away the 1981 things AND follow thru on my resolution to do some income tax work each month so that when January comes things will be ready to put together.

Yesterday, we went to Wilmington College at 2 P.M. for their International Day and sampled foods form many different countries ... that was tasty. Then Mary Virginia had a piano recital (with the others) at 3, plus a music practice at 4:30 and then we got a great variety of garden plants. To make a long story short it was after 8 PM before we had everything in the ground and we were more than ready for supper. There are a number of strawberries in bloom and hopefully we can keep the frost off of them.

Friday, the girls had their test in their so-called college English class, then wound up with a "fling" by eating supper in Dayton with the class. The older part of the family went to Leesburg for supper and on to Washington C.H. for square dance, where they were having a national caller ... this same person comes every year from Hot Springs, Arkansas. Saturday morning did come quickly as I had a real estate closing and Mom had a food market at the Bank, on behalf of the Clinton Memorial Hospital.

This morning Mie Young had a call from a friend of her Mother's in New York City, who is visiting the USA from Korea and had been told by MY's parents that they both plan to come to the US for her graduation and hopefully drive back to L.A. visiting places en route. Hopefully, it will all work out. We wonder if MY gets back to Korea this summer, whether or not she will come back to the states for college this fall.

Made a BIG purchase this past week in acquiring a pair of hip gum boots to wear when we have these ditch viewing times for the Commissioners, such as last Thursday. It was a nice day, but a great feeling to be able to take a step without thinking of whether or note the water could be going over my old overshoes. Its a good feeling not to have any opposition in the election ... noticed this week where in one county there are 10 candidates for the commissioner seat. There is a vacancy in The Co. Highway Dept. and this one man has been to our house three times asking for my voe at the committee meeting this next Thursday night. His whole refrain is "Do you remember me?" Being a slow learner it is beginning to soak in, but it is maybe a negative feeling rather than a positive one.

Serena, we are glad you are enjoying your job with the mortgage company, tho that overtime is a mixed blessing. Roberta, Grandma enjoyed the pictures of the "Bubble" and glad it got you out of a fine for parking in the wheelchair place. Catherine also called yesterday and they plan to be here for a week starting June 18th. Wendy sounds very "grown up" [for a 4-year-old] on the telephone.  We are looking forward to seeing you all here in June. Think how quickly the last twenty years have gone when we had the open house for the folk's 50th anniversary and John couldn't understand why we didn't keep the door open (it was cool) for the open house. Ran across the list of motels etc. where we stayed on our trip (of 20 years ago) out west and the Seattle world's fair for five weeks.  [Hmmm.  Wonder if that is in one of the files.]

[Love, etc.]

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Mary Uible Crowson said...

The so-called English Class Dad refers to was a College Level English Class offered through Southern State as I recall, which our ECHS English teacher, Bonnie Jester, taught and we got college credit for it. If I remember correctly, there were half a dozen or so of us that took it: Bill Kincaid, Tim Larrick, MYK, Melanie McCune Lamke (married Susie Allen Lamke's son), and myself.

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