Monday, May 28, 2012

2002 Letter from Catherine - May 28

Catherine and Gerry hike in preparation for the Appalachian Trail near Dahlonega Georgia. Transciption follows.
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May 28, 2002
Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi!  I got your post card from Cuba today!  I see the card is dated 4/14, the postmark says 06 05 02-18 – May 6? or May 18?  But they were about right with the six weeks part.  Where do you think the big delay is?

We had a good weekend in Flagstaff.  Hiked 4½ miles of the urban trail system on Sunday, and 12 miles yesterday at the Grand Canyon – 4½ miles down to Indian Garden plus 1½ miles to Plateau Point, a viewpoint overlooking the Colorado River and then an equal six miles back to the top.  All the national forests around Flagstaff are closed due to EXTREME fire danger.

Time to head back to work – I've been home for supper.  Talk to you soon!

Love, Catherine & Gerry

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