Saturday, May 05, 2012

1952 Florida postcard sent by Jean to M/M CJU - March 25

Three weeks after the post card that reported HH had flown home on Safeway airlines, another post card was sent from St. Petersburg to Lake Worth.  Wonder if HH flew back to Florida or if Jean and Lucie drove home together.  Stella Brown may be a cousin –  a Stella Brown was born in West Virginia in 1880, daughter of William A. Brown and Florinda Ward, but haven't found the connection to Lucie yet.  Transcription follows.
Lucie Brown Ballantyne, Roberta, & Catherine
Madeira Beach, Florida, March 1952
Sunrise over Tampa Bay and Recreation Pier, St. Petersburg, Florida - postcard mailed in March 1952
1952 Florida postcard from Jean in St. Petersburg to M/M CJU in Lake Worth - March 25

Thought Mrs. Rulon and Reatha [Ruth?] had passed us by.  But yesterday while I was out, they stopped and left a note saying how they had enjoyed their stay with you.

Catherine keeps hoping you'll come over and see us again.  Realized after you left that I forgot to give you the bacon.

It's pouring today!  Hope you have a pleasant trip back.  We'll not be far behind.

[Note written on picture of card]  Yes – saw Miss Stella Brown and friend this AM.  Both are fine.  Have nice room not far from Mother.  [The picture sides of the two Florida cards got confused.  This is actually the picture on the card which was on the blog previously and vice versa.]

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