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1992 Roberta's letter to her parents - May 21

Roberta writes a letter. Transcription follows.
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Dear Dad & Mom,

Thanks for calling – sorry to have missed your call – esp after getting our phone bill today – lots of calls to Cynthia in England.  Sid is probably one of very few that when he takes a trip he takes 50 pounds of tools with him!

I've been out spending $$ lately so pick your choice what you would like your B'day $ to go towards: 1) 2 new pair of glasses – 1 being prescription sun glasses.  Dr. did not recommend glasses like yours that get dark since they must be glass and with my eyes being so BAD would be too thick/heavy.  2) went thru emissions and now to get new license for Taurus (the pain of a new car! – 1 year old).  [AZ car licenses are a % of the car's value, thus new cars are more expensive to license than old ones.]  3) got a new perm & new 1 piece top-shorts outfit.

Thank you very much for B'Day $$!  I'll consider the glasses bought w/your $$.  Actually I just thought perhaps I should say I'm using your B'day $$ for my mini-vacation – did I tell you I'll be at the Hilton near Fiesta Mall in Mesa for $28.50 w/entertainment card discount.  Such a deal!  I've got all my meals except 1 planned with friends.

– Now Friday PM –  Listening to Focus on the Family – tape of talk Dr. Dobson on strong-willed children.  And would you consider me a strong willed child?

Meant to tell you all about the Memorial service at Mesa Sr. Center for all who had died since 1979 – when center was incorporated.  More than 200 names on poster boards in front.  BIG CROWD there – I'll enclose copy of what I said [transcribed below].

Better feed Sid's outdoor CATS –

Much love, Roberta
* * * * *
Roberta's written version of her speech at the Memorial Service for those who died 1979-1992 and had connections with Mesa Senior Center.

Thank you very much for inviting me to be part of this special Memorial Service.  As I look around, it's great to see new and familiar faces dating back to the time when I was privileged to work at what I have always referred to as THE BEST Senior Center.

I want to thank you folks present and pay a tribute to the memory of those departed persons who had frequented our Center for the great influence you all have had on my life since 1979.  My relationship with you at that time has caused my horizons to expand and has strengthened my appreciation of the joys and sorrows of life.  For your help and assistance, I thank you.

Those of you who know me well, know that public speaking is not my specialty but I would like to quote a few lines of a verse that seems very appropriate to me:

  • "O, Lord, of all beginnings and endings,
    All meanwhiles and in-betweens;
    Remind us we'll never have more time
    For loving and caring, giving and forgiving
    Than we have right now."
We can not underestimate the influence our lives had had on others.  Each one of you has made a positive difference in the lives of those who have gone on before.  Thanks again for your loving, caring, giving, and forgiving.

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