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1982 Family letter from Aunt Mary - May 11

Aunt Mary was not a person to waste an empty space when writing a postcard or a letter.  Love her trademark humor, !!! and Ha! insertions.  Transcription follows.

Letter from Mary Uible Horton to extended family May 1, 1982
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Tuesday - May 11 [1982]

Dear Family:

I've been at the typewriter for the last 2 hrs writing notes, etc., trying to catch up on the correspondence, which will never happen so keep peckin' along!!!  Jean and G'Ma ... did you have an enjoyable Mother's Day?  We were to eat out with Rob and Cindy but we had a conflict in getting together so Bill and I told them to go and 'do their thing' and he and I would go eat out.  Which we did!!  Went to the TuTu (burned out but now renovated and under new management ... surprised ... there weren't many people there so at lest didn't have to wait and the food was very good.  Mother, we'll have to try it out next winter.  Reason for the conflict of interest [with Rob and Cindy] was that the nursing home had invited us to come down to their open house at 2 o'clock.  We did put in an appearance and I helped some of the ladies serve refreshments.  The inmates [!] had voted earlier and chose a Queen and King of the May.  Before we got there I guess the group from Church of God had led the singing, etc.  (Glad we missed that ... have heard them when we dropped in on another Sun).  They had the Q and K ceremony ... put a garland on the Queen and a very HIGH HAT on the King.  Someone had made a pretty May Pole.  The man is "nutty" but at least in fairly good physical condition and seems to be liked and the Queen was 84 or thereabout and attractive.  Her 2 daughters were there with their husbands and some of the grandchildren, or I'm just supposin' ...ha....  They took a lot of pictures.  The establishment served punch, cookies, nuts, etc.  But most of the inmates in the 'rec' room are pitiable sights.  Aunt Sarah [widow of Uncle Bill's uncle, Howard Horton] was wearing a pants suit (wonder where they pulled that one from?)  She is getting real forgetful ... she didn't know Bill at one time ... which Horton is this, etc?  But she knew "Mary."  That got him!!  Ha!!  Every time we go down, she is in the activity room, so I think she's adjusted to her life style there.  She got a plant from her son but hasn't had a LETTER in months.  That's disgraceful!!!!  We stayed about an hr.!!

This morning I played for S.S. THEN accompanied the Jr. choir in church.  They really did a good job!!!  Last time until Fall.  I'll get some rest from practicing, etc.  Have the music this TH at General meeting, VIA's every Mon. thru May.  We go sing at the nursing home on A St. last Mon.  The preacher talked about families, their life style, etc.  The family as we know it is sure in the minority ... statistics were startling; compiled by the census bureau!!!

Last Fri. went to Lakeside to Church Women United.  25th anniversary!  It was a good program and I got to see some women that I haven't seen for years.  Ones that left Cavalry when they built the new church out there.

This week:  Bill goes to Methodist Men tonight; tomorrow we got to BRDT [Boca Raton Theatre?] to see the musical, "Shenandoah" ... the writeups have been great so looking forward to that ... play at UMW on Thurs ... going to the Dr. on Fri for my 6 mo "usual (the cystitis problem) ... uncomfortable for a couple of days!!!  In no time flat we'll be leaving for Charleston!!!!

[original letter may have ended with above paragraph - the following looks like original rather than carbon copy]
JEAN & HAROLD this is a REALLY BUSY TIME FOR YOU BOTH111  Can you believe that you have TWO GRADUATING SRS. in your household???  Wish we could be there but too close for the June affair.  G'Ma has a c/c of the above so no need to share.  Re your ltr of May 2nd: I will write invitations to the Hillsboro cousins, Wib and Helen and invite them to join us for dinner at your stated time and place.  Does this include open house too?  Or either, if they can't make the dinner???  I thought I would make it that way on the invitation.  I hope this is okay????  And I think I'll write Follmers re open house???  The PICNIC sounds great for Sat. PM.  Doubtful if Rob gets to come ... conflict with his summer job as they have workshop that same week-end ... wait and see???  I'm planning on buying her a 'roaster-toaster-oven.'  for all she eats I don't think the micro-wave [continues at top of page in margin] justifies the output and I don't think she'd want to be bothered with it ... at least she's always saying that !!!  But she did say she'd like a "toaster like mine ... thought she could use something like it."  The pressure cooker she cannot manage ... TOO HEAVY ... you're right on that score.  Use your own judgment!!!

[on left margin] Mares and boys will be at NV for a wk so it's great that Catherine is coming.  How about Gerry???  Going to be rally great having so many HOME for June 19th, etc.  Can hardly wait to see EVERYONE!!!

[handwritten on left margin] May 17th - John and X here Sun. PM.  Nice couple with them.  Had a nice time!!

[on right margin] Jean, can I be of some help when we get there about a week before???  I hope so ... you always have all the responsibility!!!  [handwritten] Forgot to mail this.  Love, Mary & all

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