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1982 Letter from HH and Jean to Family - May 31

Last letter from the month of May 1982. Transcription follows
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Memorial Day - Monday
May 31, 1982
Dearest Family -

The parade here is over - Mary Virginia marched with the band here and then goes to Lees Creek to march there this afternoon and then to a party at Bill Kincaid's. His little brother has chicken pox but isn't very sick - saw him after the parade but does have some signs on his face.

Mie Young's parents arrived Thursday afternoon and left yesterday (no Saturday).  They were stopping off in Los Angeles and also Tokyo as neither MY or her mother had been there.  Dad wheeled G'ma in the parade and we saw Mrs. Phillips' daughters from Ft. Lauderdale, Marjean Packard and Opal Robertson and her husband.  (Sorry – I thought I'd started a new paragraph!)  The group was unusually attentive and Mike Wood - the new minister at Mt. Olive Church of Christ gave the address.  It wasn't too hot but real pleasant.

The Sankers are coming this afternoon - we had planned to meet them for dinner after seeing the Kims off at the airport but Jeanne was feeling under the weather so invited them for today instead.  We tried to go to Pigalle's but said they couldn't take us til 9:30 PM - the place was empty except for one couple.  We asked about going in right then but they said "Sorry."  So we tried the restaurant just down the street – MV had taken the Kims there on the way back from the airport Thursday and recommended it.  It used to be the old Federal Reserve Bank where Kim used to work.  It is now called the Last National Bank – a sociable eatery – and they have it in the basement fixed up with vaults, teller's windows and all kind of bank memorabilia.  Had a good dinner there and would recommend it – perhaps more than Pigalle's but haven't yet eaten there – noted for their fine French food and wine.  The latter has 4 *s in the Mobil Tour Book where Last National Bank hasn't any but was recommended on the Ohio Bar restaurant list when we were there for the convention.

Talked to Aunt Mary on the phone this morning and they are leaving for Charleston this week for the Speletti Festival there and then on to Cris'es and then up here by the end of next week – around the 10th.  Rob still isn't sure whether he is going to get here for G'ma's birthday.  Aunt Mary said in "twenty more years we can celebrate her birthday."

The rains are continuing here – everything is green and wish all of you were closer so we could share the strawberries with you.  We picked about 20 quarts this weekend.

We had our first sail boat class on the water – went better than I expected and even tacked into the wind, etc. etc.  Going on Tuesday night we have the place to ourselves.  Hope some of you will be brave enough to go out with me when you are here in June.  (Yes, we do take life jackets.)

Today was the last day for MV in the ECHS Band and she has graduated from being the Sunday School pianist.  She leaves next Friday for Phoenix and will be driving back with them around the 14th.

The Sankers have quite a trip planned leaving Cincinnati for Lynn's graduation from Harvard Business School on Thursday, June 10 and then they leave for Cairo (also David, Lynn's husband) where both men have business but will fill you on more of the details later as it is too complicated for here now.  They won't be back in the states until the latter part of July.

We were surprised to learn that John had given up the idea of going to law school but know they are in the best position to judge and want them both happy.  Sorry that Piper was unhappy and not eating while they were gone but imagine he is about back to normal now.

Hope that Charlie is feeling better now – too bad he cut the trip to Payson short.  Can't say that we are ready to take on any pets to take the place of our empty nest.  Glad that you enjoyed your trip to Sedona and hope the trip to Grand Canyon and Flagstaff goes well.  May be MV will enjoy it more with the senior villagers than with us.

[Much love, etc.]

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