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1992 Roberta's Letter to the TODAY show - May 8

Roberta (with Sid's assistance?) writes a letter to the TODAY Show about GHU's 100th Birthday. Transcription follows.
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3509 W. Vogel
Phoenix, AZ 85051
May 8, 1992
The "TODAY Show"
c/o NBC, New York City
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, New York

ATTENTION:  Willard Scott

As a regular view of the "Today Show" as seen on NBC affiliate, Channel 12, KPNX, of Phoenix, I am making what is undoubtedly a once-in-a-lifetime request.

My grandmother, Gladys Uible (pronounced U-BL, "U" as in utility) will attain her one hundredth birthday, the BIG One-Oh-Oh, on June 22, 1992.  She is residing in Heartland Nursing Home, Hillsboro, Ohio, but on that important day will be at the home of her son, Harold Uible, in nearby New Vienna, Ohio.

It would be most appreciated by her many relatives and friends in southwestern Ohio and elsewhere, if Weatherman Willard Scott could include her name among those other centenarians to whom he will extend congratulations on June 22nd.  In addition, a photo of Mrs. Uible is enclosed herewith for whatever use your deem appropriate.

Thank you.  The mention of her name and the display of her photo on the "Today Show" will mean much to a "chronologically gifted" lady who has survived 100 years of life in these United States.

If you should need to contact me for any reason concerning this request, I can be reached at [phone numbers no longer relevant].

Very truly yours,

Roberta Uible-King

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