Monday, May 14, 2012

2002 Postcard from Catherine - May 10

Globe postcard from Catherine - mailed May 10, 2002
Captioned: President Lyndon B. Johnson dedicates the National Geographic Society's new headquarters in Washington, D.C., January 18, 1964.  "Today in this house of exploration," he said, "let us invite exploration, by all nations. . . .  What greater challenge can there be than for the . . . Society to take the initiative in this endeavor?"
Thought of you when I saw this card.  How many countries have changed names or boundaries since 1964 do you think? – good reference question!  Wendy starts her first class at ASU West on Saturday.  I haven't talked to Roberta about celebrating her birthday next week.  Mette, our exchange student form Denmark who was here in 92-93 is coming to visit in July just before the [Dahlonega] reunion.  Love, Catherine & Gerry

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