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1752 Capt. Oliver Brown

Oliver Brown, the 4th great-grandfather of the Ballantyne-Dailey-Uible cousins, is the great grandfather of Adrian Wilmer "A.W." Brown (1855-1906), who married Mary Virginia Morrow (1857-1890) and were the parents of Lucie Brown Ballantyne (1880-1957) and Robert Morrow Brown [this link also has info written in 1923 on A.W. Brown, political graveyard info on J. Scott Brown.]  Google search of more on A.W. and The Independent.

Adrian started a newspaper in New Cumberland named "The Independent."  He married Mary Virginia Morrow, daughter of Alexander and Sarah Morrow in 1876.  Two surviving children were Robert Morrow Brown and Lucie Sarah Ballantyne.  After the death of Mary at the age of 33 [1890] he married Ola Moore in 1892.

Lucie married N.W. Ballantyne in 1906, in a quiet ceremony six months after the death of her father, and they were the parents of Robert Brown Ballantyne (1910-1956), Virginia Irene Dailey (1914-1983) and Jean Wallace Uible (1922-2011).

This picture and some details following were originally posted by MV on 7/31/06.

Tombstone of Capt. Oliver Brown - Wellsburg, WV

Buried at the Brooke County Cemetery Lot #27 Sect C.
His tombstone reads as follows:

Captain Oliver Brown
Born at Lexington, Mass 1752
Died February 17, 1846 at age 94

Captain Oliver Brown of the Massachusetts Line, Rev. War.
-- He stood in front of the first cannon fired by the British on the Americans in the affray at Lexington; witnessed the tea party in Boston Harbor; was at the battle of Bunker Hill; Commissioned by Congress January 16, 1776; commanded the volunteer party that bore off the leaden statue of King George from the Battery of New York and made it into bullets for the American army; bore a conspicuous part in the command of artillery at The battle of White Plains, Harlan [Harlem] Heights, Princeton, Trenton, Brandywine, Germantown, and Monmouth. After serving his country he enlisted in the armies of the Son of God, and surrendered to the last enemy of on the 17th day of Feb. 1846 in full assurance of a never ending peace.

Hancock County [New Cumberland is county seat] was created out of Brooke County territory in 1848.

Oliver Brown (1752-1846) was a third generation American, his great-grandfather John Browne moving to Lexington, Massachusetts from Suffolk, England prior to Oliver's grandfather, Joseph Browne's birth in 1677.  Joseph's son, Benjamin Brown (1720-1802) was the father of Oliver.

Oliver married Abigail Richardson (1756-1832) in 1776 and they had 11 children between 1776-1800, the second child and oldest son was John Brown (1780-1852).  The family moved to Brooke County, VA (now WV), about 1790.

John married Eleanor Doddridge (1780-1852) in 1806 and they had eight children with A.W.'s father, John Danforth (or Doddridge) Brown (1821-1860), the second youngest, who was a merchant in Brooke County (then Virginia) and died of typhoid.  He was the grandfather of Lucie Brown Ballantyne.

To summarize: 
John Browne 1631-1697 → 
Joseph Browne 1677-1766 → 
Benjamin Brown 1720-1802 
Oliver Brown 1752-1846 → 
John Brown 1780-1852 → 
John Danforth Brown 1821-1860 → 
Adrian Wilmer "A.W." Brown 1855-1906 → 
Lucie Brown Ballantyne 1880-1957

June 20, 1940
[Re] BA-J AWF Oliver Brown S. 8088

[To] Miss Winona W. Pfander
1644 North Glen Oak
Peoria Illinois

Dear Madam:

Reference is made to your letter in which you request the Revolutionary War record of Oliver Brown of Roxbury, Massachusetts, and who after the Revolution settled in Virginia.

The data furnished herein were obtained from claim for pension, S. 8088, based upon service of Oliver Brown, in the Revolutionary War.

Oliver Brown was born in the month of June, 1753, [a year later than the tombstone states] in Lexington, Massachusetts, and was in the militia in the Battle of Lexington, April 19, 1775, and served until the end of 1775, as a noncommissioned officer in Colonel Richard Gridley's Artillery Corps.  He was commissioned January 18, 1776, 2nd Lieutenant in Colonel Henry Knox's Artillery Regiment, and was commissioned, January 1, 1777, Captain Lieutenant in Colonel John Crane's Artillery Regiment, and resigned his commission Mary 23, 1779.

He was allowed pension on his application executed May 23, 1818, at which time he was a resident of Brooke County, Virginia.  He relinquished this pension, and was granted a pension under the Act of June 7, 1832.

Oliver Brown referred to his wife, Abigail, in 1820, as ages sixty-five years, and to his daughter, Elizabeth, aged twenty years.

Oliver Brown was still living in 1845, in Brooke County, Virginia.

A grandson, William Brown, was alive in 1845.  [Possibly the father or brother of Adrian Wilmer Brown who was born in 1855]

The papers on file in this claim contain no further discernible family data.

In order to obtain the date of the last payment of this pension, name and address of person paid, and possibly the date of death of Oliver Brown, you should apply to the Comptroller General, General Accounting Office, Records Division, this city, and furnish the following data:

Oliver Brown
Certificate # 334009
Issued December 23, 1845
Rate $400 per annum
Commenced March 4, 1831
Act of June 7, 1833
Virginia Agency

Very truly yours,  A.D. Hiller, Executive Assistant to the Administrator


John Richards said...

I have a powder horn which was in my Grandfather's home that has a tag attached to it from Needham, Massachusetts. The tag reads "Oliver Brown, his horn, carried at Lexington and Concord" No other identification. My family settled in Massachusetts in the early 1600's. Thought you might be interested.

John Richards said...

I have a powder horn that was in my Grandfather's home. A tag on the horn reads "Oliver Brown, his horn, carried at Lexington and Concord". My family settled in Massachusetts in the early 1600's. Thought you might be interested.

Scott said...

Thank you for the picture of Capt Oliver Brown's grave. He is my 4th Great-Grandfather through is daughter Elizabeth Brown Wylie whose grand daughter Mary married my great grandfather Vester McCown.

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