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2002 - Email from MV - May 17

From MV to Family - Friday, May 17, 2002 - Subject: Happy Weekend!

Things are winding up quickly with the end of the school year coming tomorrow....Ginny's piano recital was tonight and she did terrifically well.  I don't think I am biased, but she was one of about 3 (of about 17) who had her music memorized and made only one mistake out of two songs.  I wish I could take credit for her good playing but I try to stay away when she is practicing – it is like putting a match to gasoline!!

Christian had a t-ball game tonight; he has one on Saturday morning and then his last one is next Tuesday.  He will miss it terribly I am afraid!  It is one thing he REALLY looks forward to.

Tomorrow I am going to the funeral of the grandmother of a choir member and practicing with the local high school folks for their baccalaureate that will be held at Pine Forest on Sunday.  Saturday night we are going to a local concert down at the theatre and Sunday we will go to Evergreen where Don has been preaching 1-2x/month for their potluck and ground breaking.  They are starting on a new fellowship hall and Sunday School classes.  He will continue to preach there as needed because their service gets over in time for him to get to the church he will be at each Sunday, so he can do both as needed.

To say Ginny is excited about getting out of school is an understatement....she is getting to the age school is not as "cool" plus she and her teacher didn't see eye to eye on a lot of the things – the biggest one was the amount of talking she be permitted to do in class!  They did have awards day this week and we were THRILLED that she got honor roll award for 5/6 grading periods and 4 honors for accelerated reading including being the top reader in her class!

Still no word from Verizon on who they are hiring to work for them who has been on Cell One's staff, so hoping to hear about that soon....I have only one musical left and then no choir rehearsals per se until [fall? – here ends the copy of the email but we can assume there would be a closing paragraph wishing us all well wishes and love, etc.]

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Mary Uible Crowson said...

Mrs. Helton retired soon after Ginny's class---not on the same plain as Aleda Purtee or even Ethel King, but certainly could have been related to either. Some people do not "sweeten" with age and I will leave it at that (I'm sure some would describe me with similar terms!).

On the other hand, Ginny has certainly shown signs of activity, opinion and knowing what she wants even prior to birth....

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