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1982 Family letter from HH and Jean - May 9

HH starts sailboating lessons, Jean masterminds a UMC Fellowship Day program in Sabina and an update on Melba among other topics.  A poor photocopy or the ink has faded over the years, but still always enjoy a letter from home.  And to make it more interesting the first few paragraphs are written by Jean, then HH writes a few, then back to Jean.  Transcription follows.
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Sunday - Mothers' Day
May 9, 1982
Dearest Family -

Just got back from having lunch at Whitacre's Oak Hill restaurant - actually called country and golf club but isn't what I think of as either of those.  [Is this still there?]  We did have a very nice dinner and hope to take the group there on Grandma's birthday on Tuesday, June 22 - as many as can stay over for that day which is her actual birthday.  Wish that everyone could be here then but lucky if many make it for that Sunday celebration on June 20.  We did have a very good meal - they can only serve about 40 there so we should have the place to ourselves.  We ate at the 2:00 seating and only one other group was there then but heard the 12:00 and later seating was filled.

Talked to Serena on the phone Friday - she had a WATS line available to her so made the most of it.  She has traded her bike in for a super light Japanese one which she seems to be enjoying.  Hope it doesn't bother her legs too much but the lightness of it should help.

Tried to call Roberta and Catherine - sorry to miss your call, Roberta - but all the lines were tied up today.

After the meal today we walked around the area a little and got talking to one of the couples that were there and it turned out they had only been in the U.S. for three years and were from the Union of South Africa.

This weekend was the State Convention of Square Cancers in Dayton, we did get away from N.V. around 5 PM after a day of odds and ends around here and the shop.  We enjoyed the new experience of doing what is called "contra" dancing ... it reminded us of the style of say, Thomas Jefferson, and that era.

Last Tuesday night was the first class lesson on sail boating - there are eight in the class ... another attorney from Wilmington, two couples and two other ladies.  Your Mother was "tied up" on too many Tuesdays to take the class ... it runs for six weeks, with the first three in the classroom and other three at Lake Cowan - out in the sail boat.

Wednesday night was Lions Club ... enjoyed the speaker, who spoke on "Positive Attitude," and the importance of having a "Goal."  Self-direction is important in life for we become what we thing about.

Thursday night was attendance at the Wilmington Council meeting as the matter of rezoning the use of our business building [the business building being the County's with attendance as a County Commissioner?] was before the group.  Hopefully it will have a happy ending.  Then there was a political meeting to choose the new Asst. Highway Supt.  Did make a quick stop at Kroger's at their surplus counter for their dated things [are marked] down after 9-10 in the evening.

Glad to have May Fellowship Day program over Friday - 90+ women came to Sabina from all over Clinton County and I had charge of the program for the whole day minus the business meeting.  Our minister's wife - Roma Thompson spoke on "The Power of Words."  Had four special musical numbers including one solo done to an interpretative dance which was most effective.  Stan Fawley, the minister, spoke briefly in the morning.  Melba Harner came for the afternoon program but is to be back in the hospital next week in Cincinnati.  (Dad and I go to the State Bar meeting there Thursday-Saturday next week.)

[Love, etc.]

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