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1952 Florida postcard sent by Jean to M/M CJU

Jean, Roberta and Catherine had a month in 1952 with Jean's mother, Lucie Brown Ballantyne, in Madeira Beach, Florida near St. Petersburg.  Virginia Ballantyne Dailey and her four or five children also "stopped by" to visit according to the Dailey cousins.  Tom, her fifth child was born in 1952 but on an unknown date.  Based on this card we can assume that HH, Jean, Catherine & Roberta drove to Florida and then HH left the car with Jean and flew home.  Transcription follows.
Lucie "Dear", Catherine & Roberta, March 1952, Madeira Beach FL
Welch Causeway - Between Madeira Beach and Bay Pines, Greater Gulf Beaches, Florida  postcard mailed March 4, 1952
1952 Florida postcard from Jean in St. Petersburg to M/M CJU in Lake Worth - March 4

We found an awfully nice cottage on Madeira Island - about 20 minutes from St. Pete.  Harold left today for Cincinnati and home - flew by Safeway [see more info below].  Plane was delayed 1½ hours dur to bad weather in Cincy.  The girls are certainly enjoying the sand and water.  The [words crossed out] Gulf is only across the highway.  Haven't been successful in finding Miss Stella Brown yet but will try again.  Thanks for everything.  Our cottage sits back at end of court - other children [are here too?]  [Love, etc.]

According to the Safeway Airline brochure linked here (and above) of an unknown date, Safeway was headquartered in Chicago and offered the following flights.  The brochure does say that fares are subject to change and does not include 15% federal tax.

  • Chicago to Miami via Cincinnati, St. Petersburg $43 - 5½ hours
  • Chicago to St. Petersburg via Cincinnati $39 - 4 hours
  • Chicago to New York via Philadelphia $24 - 6 hours
  • Chicago to California via Kansas, Burbank, San Diego, Oakland $69 - 13½ hours - departed 7pm, arrived 11:30am
  • They also flew from Chicago to Seattle $79 and Cincinnati $9.
Flight Services states "Whether it is a glass of orange juice, a cup of piping hot coffee, or a tasty snack, your charming hostess has it for you at all times.  Just call for "galley service."  There is no charge and no tipping.  Your hostess is a well trained "mother's helper."  Whether it is warming the baby's bottle, a baby blanket, or what have you [changing diapers?], she enjoys helping.  She likes to serve you.

In Cincinnati the airlines was headquartered at The Sinton Hotel, named for industrialist, David Sinton whose daughter, Anna, married William Howard Taft.  When Sinton died at the age of 93 in 1900, he was Ohio's richest man.  His home is now the Taft Museum of Art.  The hotel which was located on the SW corner of Fourth and Vine was built in 1907 and demolished in 1967.
Sinton Hotel

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