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1982 Letter from HH & Jean to Family - May 16

Chronicles of 1982 continue....

1982 Letter from HH & Jean to family - May 16, page 1 of 2 
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Sunday Evening May 16, 1982

Dear Family:

Summer has arrived with a BANK, but still have had very little rain to make things grow. M.V. has been faithful in watering the garden, etc. etc. She will have things looking great for the two big events coming up – their graduation and Mother's birthday "party."

Last Wednesday Dad was a pallbearer for Mrs. Matthew's [Blanche Miller Matthews Feb 1, 1886 - May 9, 1982] funeral – her grand-daughter flew in from United Arab Emirate for the services but none of them from Phoenix made it. The grand-daughter told us that Roberta was such fun, etc. etc. (This was Diane Lowry).

Thursday morning we left for Cincinnati for the Ohio Bar Meeting and heard Woody Hayes [1913-1987] (a grad of Denison Univ.) and famous for his football career.  I love the way he intertwines (?) history in his remarks which lasted for a short hour.  That evening we went out to the new Univ. of Cincinnati Law School and for the 10 million cost they have quite an impressive building.  We wound up the day by going to a play on the river boat theater.  (Fantastiks)

We always enjoy the Friday morning complimentary (at least in some ways) Law School alumni breakfasts, which was deluxe.  We saw the Morrows there as well as Friday evening when they sat at our table.  Mr. Morrow (he is on the bank board where John works) told us of John's promotion, tho we are in the dark as far as details.  He thought it was great that you were starting to law school.  Nex year will be his 50th year.  One man at the meeting was given a 65 year certificate.

Yesterday was Industry Day at Wilmington for the country industries – Wells had a jar of balls – a $10 prize for the closest guess which was 457 out of a perfect 458.  Glad we had no ties.  Gave away complimentary balls and it is interesting to see which color balls people take, etc. etc.

Last night was a pot luck dinner at the Church for the MYF present and former members . . . so we were ready for bed last night.  Today for Church we had a group from X and John's area, called "Celebration" presents "Believer" and another pot luck dinner.  After all these meals we felt the urge to go for a walk this afternoon plus after supper tonight we went for a six mile bike trip.

Did you all get letters about the MYF supper celebration?  They read letters from (at least said that three had replied) – one was from Jacalyn Walker Sharp who lives in Colorado – one from Sarah Powell Dodds [1915-2005] who had to go to Kentucky to attend her granddaughter's graduation, that is Judy Brite's daughter if any of you recall her – and Wayne Ames here in NV.

We would have liked to be in Madras to attend Wendy's dance recital but hope to see pictures of her in her outfit.  Glad that Catherine and Gerry had a nice weekend at the Elks Convention – we were glad to receive postal cards from there – G'ma shared hers with us – we remember looking over Salishan which looked so deluxe – Mobil 5*.

[page 2] Hope that John and X are enjoying their two weeks in Florida.  We are having hot weather here so they should have HOT weather there.  Wish that you could all be here for MV and MY's graduations but realize it would be hard to get here for both occasions coming up.

As it stands right now we will probably go to Lytles (former name) now the Village (Friendly) Inn and then have a reception at our house that same Sunday afternoon – 3-5.  We would have liked to go to someplace real nice but no place could give us the convenience of Leesburg and the room – don't think any of you have seen the new place since they have moved – the old Wilknit Factory remodeled.  Thought the Hiestands, Carrs, etc. might like to meet us there and we would have a little better chance to talk than wait until later at the open house.  Wish that everyone could stay over through Tuesday at least of the next week (G'ma's actual birthday).  Guess all our girls will be here and Hortons and Marianne but fellows have to get back to their jobs but do let us know if it is possible and we will include you in the Tuesday plans.

Talked to Roberta on Wednesday night before her birthday as we were going to be gone on the 14th.  She is filling the houses and they have three more – totally ten that will be under her care.  Glad to hear the sale of the frames has gone so well.  Think that the ones you sent G'ma are really pretty and am anxious to learn just how to do it.

The play which the MYF had planned to put on has been postponed so MV will be going to Phoenix earlier – like Friday the 4th of June.  Hope this works in with Roberta's and Marion's plans.  She now is going to fly Delta and gets in much earlier like 10:52 AM but she will be writing more definite plans.

I enjoyed the spouse's activities at the state bar meeting – the style show at Shillito's [bought by Lazarus in 1930, became Shillito Rike's in 1982, operated under Macy's name since 2005] was a little far out – Casper Wineburg's (spcollection only one that looked worth buying.  The tour of Peterloon and luncheon there was very nice.  The tour of Peterloon and luncheon there ws very nice.  This was the former home of the John Emery family – money made for Emery Candles, Carew Tower, etc.  Mrs. Emery was the daughter of Charles Dana Gibson so there were many of the children's pictures drawn by the famous Gibson Girl artist.  It had been a 1400 acre estate but now is only about 1200 acres including a 12 acre lake.  It was just as the family had lived in it and not normally open to the public except for groups such as this.  Three were 12 bedrooms, 19 fireplaces and they had 18 servants to take care of the whole estate.  It has only been open for a few years as the 2nd Mrs. Emery is still living in another house on the estate.  A daughter also lives nearby.  It is just off Montgomery Road not far from Chester's Road House.

Buddy Ebsen [1908-2003] spoke at the banquet but he was very brief as it was about 10:00 when they got to his part of the program.  A judge form Franklin whom we had sat with at the Woody Hayes luncheon and had gotten to know had a yearbook with Ebsen's picture.  He was a star football player at Orlando FL HS back in 1926, I think.  He brought this out in his brief talk – did a soft shoe dance and that was about it except for a few off color comments on California and Hollywood life.

Mary Virginia is lining up possibilities of a photographer for a family photograph and so do hope that everyone can be here as early as possible on Saturday (June 19). [The infamous tree-hugging pictures]  John, do you think you could come to Morrow on June 22?

[Sentences written on left margin of first page are mostly illegible but have to do with bringing golf clubs in June and MY flying to NYC en route to LA as cheaper than flying direct to LA.]

[Love, etc., Mother and Dad]


Mary Uible Crowson said...

I don't remember going to Phoenix in the summer of 1982...But I've slept a time or two since then! I think it was Winter 1982 (or '83?) I rang the Salvation Army Bell/Kettle prior to Christmas...

Catherine Uible Morgan said...

MV, I wondered if you flew out to accompany Roberta driving (the bubble?) back to Ohio. There was some previous reference to the car being returned. We know you and Roberta were back in New Vienna for Grandma's 90th celebration. Maybe we'll learn more in letters yet to be posted....

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