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2002 - Email from MV - June 1

To: Family - From MV - Saturday June 1, 2002 12:17 AM
Subject: Children's books

Christian (and Ginny) are signed up for the summer reading program (that start tomorrow) and we got two cute books today that you are probably family with – Bruce Degen's "Daddy is a Doodlebug" and "Sailaway Home."  Our goal is to read 10 books a week with him – which is the max you can check out at one time!

Ginny and I just finished "A Line in the Sand: the Alamo Diary of Lucinda Lawrence, Gonzales, Texas, 1836" and it was very good.  I think next we're going to take on "Little Women" as she has talked about it several times.  Any other suggestions?  She loves to read but I don't push the issue of what she checks out – mostly Mary Kate and Ashley books (or of that genre), which would be my last choice BUT there are more important battles to fight!

Miss Ginny is in Savannah tonight with her girl scout troop seeing the Juliette Gordon Lowe home and doing some fun activities.  They left at noon today and will be back tomorrow at dinner time.  Christian didn't seem to mind the extra attention tonight at all!

Tomorrow we are going to a luncheon for a lady in Don's SS class that is turning 85 – her daughter is hosting it at her home.  Shall we make similar plans for Mom and Dad in New Vienna once the Hawaii trip is over!????  After Hawaii, anything may seem [anti?] climactic, but it will be fun while it lasts!  [In reference to the once planned fall 2002 trip to Hawaii which was canceled when Mom broke her hip.]

We had a nice visit with Rudy and Susan in Chattanooga and the kids really enjoyed the pool!  We went to Lookout Mt. and rode the Incline Railroad there – what a steeeeeeeeep ride!  And unbelievable, traffic was not bad at all coming back Monday afternoon!

Hope you all had a good memorial day and hard to believe another weekend is already here!  Love to you all!  MVUC

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