Sunday, May 07, 2017

1987 Roberta's Letter -May 15


Dear Folks (& the College Grad! [MV])

Thanks so much for the birthday card, the birthday check & the birthday call – esp since you tried unsuccessfully last night!

I had a very nice birthday – Wendy & Sid did a great job on the "party" after a huge Chinese meal.  Wendy had made cake & iced it with special icing.  Wendy gave me a pair of ear-rings & right away asked if she could borrow them!  Also got given several of Wendy's creative paintings and a $25 gift certificate for my favorite store – Broadway Southwest.  (it's also good at the clearance store!)

Actually – I haven't been shopping for so long – did get an Easter dress for Wendy – so I'll enjoy the excuse to get back in the store & shopping!  I'm sure I haven't forgotten how!

Sid got me several small items we needed for the trailer.  We have been thinking of getting a small microwave for the trailer – we are enjoying getting away at least once a month in the trailer & with extended use in the summer we would get alot of good out of the microwave!  It would also let us do alot of cooking and esp reheating without heating up the whole kitchen!  If we do go ahead & buy a microwave soon your bitrhday check will go toward that.  If we wait, I'll be putting the $ toward my Ohio trip.  I'm really going to be helping out the airlines this summer.

We plan to go to Prescott for a few days the 1st weekend of June.  We will be in the trailer & will take my bike along.  Sid enjoys being able to dilly-dally around "fixing" this & that while I'm out riding!

I've got on the last show of Dallas for the season – they are getting rid of (killing) the ones that will be taken off the show.

Wendy's 3rd grade had a picnic today at Cactus Park (39th Ave & Cactus) so I went up & joined them for about 1/2 hour.  The class was there from 10AM to 2PM.  By 11:45 when I left – the teacher already looked VERY TIRED!

There were several Mothers there for the picnic – along with younger brothers & sisters.  Was I ever glad to return to Senior Village!

We had a shopping trip for Senior Village residents to PIC-N-SAVE.  There is a new one at 35th & Thunderbird – the old Fry's store.  (Fry's rebuilt right across the street.)  PIC-N-SAVE is quite a popular place – lots of good buys – tho you never know exactly what they will have!  The residents always enjoy going!

I got birthday cards for both Elizabeth J. & Ruth Shoemaker.  Mary Virginia's card was real cute – we never did get one of her graduation invites!

Our old house is in the pre-moving stage – the trees, bushes, etc. are all pulled out.  It has been cut into 3 pieces – the pool has been filled w/ dirt.

It's now Sunday AM – I'll get this off in the mail drop on way to church.  We are going for 3 in a row church attendance.

Thanks again for the thoughtful cards & birthday check.

Much love,

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