Wednesday, May 03, 2017

1967 Roberta Letter -May 10

[postmarked 5/10/67]
Tuesday night
Dear Family,

Hi! – have been very busy lately!  I'm trying my best to get TOP grades this last six weeks of school.

I got package yesterday in mail, thanks so much for everything.  The raisins and dates were really good – they were all gone by that afternoon!  The shoes look alot better – they almost look like new!

Included with this letter is our English assignment which was for today.  I compared a hole in a sock to the clouds in the sky.  Do you understand?  If not write and I'll tell you in more detail.

It is hard to believe that there are only 25 more days of school after today.  We are now sitting at our last tables, doing our last dish crew's and office work service.  They won't change again this year.

I haven't got really very much to say. (Nor the time to say it in)!  Everything seems to be happening around here.

The weather is really bad – it hasn't stopped raining for very long since last Friday night.

Well, better go – will write more later on in the week.


PS  Teacher Susan thinks I'm doing better in Algebra – she told me tonight after supper.

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