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1987 Family Letter -May 16

Saturday, May 16, 1987

Dear Family:

Doesn't this paper bring back memories?  We will have to visit there again.  [Flying-E reunion was after Christmas 1979.]

Had a beautiful day last Saturday for M.V.'s graduation.  Had reservations at the Golden Lamb for our group at 2 P.M. and the time was a good guess.  It was nearly 6 when we got back to N.V.  M.V. is really on the go . . . it is a BIG event when she is home for supper.  She is getting a lot of practical education this summer.

Glad to hear that Catherine likes her new job at the Glendale Library.  Yes, we too, are looking forward to seeing their new library in early August AND to visit with the Phoenix Uibles, etc.

Roberta had another milestone this past Thursday.  Before you know it you will all be middle age like your parents.  We admire Roberta in her bike riding . . . some 60 miles into the wind en route from Tucson as 6 miles of that tires me out – do hope there are some libraries in Iowa where one can stretch theirs kegs [sic].

Serena is thru her first term at I.U. and is moving to the 3rd floor where she won't be so dependent on the elevator.  She is indeed having a busy year and is already talking of job possibilities.

John will soon be starting his 9th (correct?) year with the bank.  One of the VIP there did tell us a long time ago that John was the most promising individual that had come along since their present President.  Yes, we have indeed been most fortunate to have such a nice family.

We are glad that John, Carol, Serena, Roberta and Wendy will be here for G'Ma's 95th.  We have nothing definite planned yet – other than going to Leesburg, which is her favorite place to eat.  Any idea's etc. would be most welcome.  Did get a strap to put at the back of her wheelchair foot so that her shoe would not slip off.  Had them on order in Wilmington for several weeks and they never came, and then went to a place in Columbus last Tuesday and presto.  The occasion Tuesday was a seminar on Estate Planning sponsored by Banc Ohio, plus a bountiful breakfast buffet, with loads of fresh fruit.  It was a good day.

Took Grandma to the eye doctor said her eyes were holding up well.  Seems like it is always time to have these eyes checked.

[Love, etc.]

[Part below added on (in Jean's handwriting) to the copy sent to John]

John, you might be interested that Gene Williams started at the shop last Monday – sort of as a trouble shooter and has been doing well.  The Boy Scouts & parents had a Pancake breakfast this morning to make money for those going to Philmont – Saw one couple that looked familiar – turned out to be Jeff Aldredge's parents who have another son in our scout group – also planning on going to Philmont.  They told us Jeff & his wife are expecting their first sometime this summer.  There must be considerable age difference between the two boys – maybe like Catherine & Mary Virginia but not as many in between.

We are to be at the Hyatt at Ohio Center Thursday night – going up early that day & coming back Friday.  Ed and June Jones are planning to meet us there so that should be more fun.

[in Dad's writing]  Serena has written to you folks but had the wrong address.

Love, Mother & Dad

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