Tuesday, May 23, 2017

1977 Catherine's Letter - May 23

May 23, 1977

Dear Mom, Dad, Serena, John & Mary V.,

Hi!  How was the big graduation?  We got your letter on Thursday.  It was nice talking to you on Friday.  I meant to say thanks for sending the 2 smock tops.  They make real nice maternity tops and go well with my slacks which are all plain colors.

Also thanks to Mary for sending the latch hooked panda bear.  I may make a pillow out of it.  Roberta taught DeeDee how to do it and DeeDee went gung ho working on a corner of the mushroom one.  Now DeeDee wants one of her own.  Maybe we'll get her a small one to keep at our house so she'll have something to fill her idle moments.

Thanks for all the baby things.  They should really come in handy and will save us from having to buy blankets at any rate.

Gerry has decided to take his vacation in August and then he'll just take a few days off when the baby is born.  The Dr. said if everything goes well I (we) may only have to stay in the hospital two days.

We are looking forward to hearing what Mary V's plans are – we hope she can come out in August.

Write soon!

Catherine & Gerry

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