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1977 Catherine's Letter -May 17

May 17, 1977

Dear Mom, Dad, John, Mary & (Serena?),

Hi!  Glad you got the flowers OK.  We are expecting to get a call from Roberta anytime and looking forward to seeing her.  Gerry and I are both taking Friday off this week so we'll have two long weekends in a row.

I think we have finally gotten rid of the fleas.  We used another bomb over the weekend and I haven't had any new bites since.

I had to throw our sour dough out because I forgot to feed it.  I had hoped to freeze some so I could start it up again at a later date but it was too late for that.

I had been making about a half gallon of yogurt a week.  The crock pot works really well to make it in.  I ran out yesterday and I thought I'd hold off making more for a few days and eat something else for a change.

Enjoyed reading the letter from Marianne which Mary Virginia enclosed.  What is a braxton-hicks contraction?  I never heard of them.  I go to the Dr. on Friday – other than that not much new.  I am gaining weight.  Less than four months now until "due" date.

Gerry played golf Saturday with a guy from I.H. [International Harvester]  I walked around with them – got some sunburn on my face & arms.  It was mostly cloudy so I was surprised to see how red my face got.  We had hoped to go on a picnic Sunday but the weather didn't cooperate.  Sprinkles with temperature in the 50's.  Maybe next weekend.

I'm listening to the Padres game right now – they're playing in Chicago.   They were winning 2-0 until the 3rd inning and then the Cubs got 8 runs and it is 2-8.

I still have to write to John & Mary Virginia so I better sign off.

Love, Catherine & Gerry

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