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1987 Bev Gooding Letter -May 19

May 19, 1987

Dear Roberta and Sid,

Thanks for your many post cards, keeping us up to date on your activities.  This note is long overdue.

Talked to your parents last week and we hope to go canoeing a week from Sunday, May 31.  Have not seen them since you were here last June.  I almost got panicky when I realized how long it had been.  When I called, Mary Va. answered, and I heard her tell her mother to "Move, it's long distance!"  Anyway, it was surely good talking with both Jean and Harold

Have you given up your bicycling for a while, as I would imagine it would be too hot at present.

How do you like you new home?  Does it have a swimming pool?  Hope so, as you were accustomed to taking a dip now and then.

You and Sid have certainly been getting around, and it sounds like you had a ball in Florida with John -- two "crazies" together.  Am also amazed that Grandmother Uible is still such a trooper.

Equally amazing is the fact that two Uibles have settled in the same geographic location.  That's great.  Now, you will get to see a bit more of Kathryn and make it easier on your parents -- visiting-wise.  It seems as though Wendy is really enjoying her relocation due to the fact that she gets to visit her Aunt and Uncle frequently.  Fun!!

Lisa was on the verge of calling you up a few weeks ago, as she was quite "down" after the dissolution and needs to get away.  I'm sure she could have benefitted from your sense of humor. She is still running her own business from her apartment and just got 2 more contracts -- 4 in all, so that keeps her going.

Jim is still working on his house, mainly the 3rd floor.  He tore the walls off down to the brick, so it will be a complete make-over.  He also is Treas. of the Neighborhood Council which involves a lot of time and effort in addition to writing a monthly newsletter (you know what this is).  By the way, are you still doing the newsletter?  It was interesting.

Bob is back working for U.D. -- in a different lab than before.  It is called the Physics Impact Lab.  The person in charge is a good friend and he needed someone with Bob's capabilities, so the job was really created with him in mind, even though it had to be advertised to the public.  The pay is about the same as his previous job, but the security is better and also the benefits.  His pension will even be picked upf rom where he left off, so he feels it is a great opportunity.  Of course, some of our friends are retiring at his age (56), and he is starting on a new career.

I'm still at my job and do like it, but just wish I could have more vacation time.  Would like to come west sometime, but feel we should have 3 weeks for it, at least.

The weather here has been gorgeous, but we do need rain badly.

Hope to see or talk with you soon.  Do take care!

Bob & Bev

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