Tuesday, May 02, 2017

1967 Roberta Letter -May 9

[postmarked May 9, 1967, though letter may have been in the wrong envelope as school didn't get out until early June?  Time will tell as we read through future letters!]

Dear family,

Hi!  Well – one exam taken, three more to go!  We just got done taking our Geography exam – was it ever hard.  We got to keep the middle part so you will find it included with this letter.

My next exam will be tomorrow 9:15-11:15 – Algebra.  I'm not really worried about it, because I know how to work most of the problems (all except the word problems)!  Tomorrow afternoon I have my Bible exam – 1:45-3:45.  Wednesday from 9:15-11:15 we will go to home ec  room and clean the place up instead of having an exam in that class.  Thursday 9:15-11:15 we be our English exam.  It will really be tough – he cares alot about whether we can write good essays or not – of course I don't so I guess I'll have to do really good in the other parts of the exam.  I hope all the times haven't confused you too much.

Next year I will be taking the following: English II, Ancient History, Bible II, Art I, Biology, Geometry – all of these are required – I would also like to take Spanish I but I;m not sure if I ca carry that many subjects.  I put myself down for Drivers education too!  We had to put down what we were interested in taking just this past week-end but our final choices will be made next year, the first day of school.

I checked with teacher Tom on whether I needed to take biology since I have already taken it and he said I would l need to.  I don't really mind cause I'm kinda interested in that sort of stuff anyway.

If it can be worked out, do you think I could invite somebody from near Salem, Oho to come down this summer for a few days?  Think about it and then we can discuss it later OK?

Do you know yet who will be able to come Saturday?  I got a rally big box at Binn's Saturday and have already started packing my heavy stuff and things I know I won't wear this week.  I sue will have enough stuff to take home – including my bike!

Well, suppose I better go – See some of you Saturday _ no I'll be seeing you all Saturday (at home).  If you don't know what to have Sunday – and if it's nice maybe we could go on a picnic and have some ham?  Did you get hint?

Love, Roberta

P.S. When you see me Saturday I should look different – I think you will be able to tell!  You might not cause it doesn't make me look that different!

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