Friday, May 05, 2017

1967 Roberta Letter -May 12

Thursday A.M.
[postmarked 12 May 1967]
Dear Family,

Hi – got letter yesterday from Catherine, today I got B-I-G letter from Mom and post-card from Catherine (WOW)

About the cake for J.N. – we made a fudge marble cake for him – and did it ever turn out a mess!  First we didn't get the chocolate stuff mixed in as good as we should, then we used too small of pan so the cake went way over the top, then when we cooled it we put it in the refrigerator and it dropped on the sides.  We only let it cool 7 minutes so when we iced it the icing all melted.  So!  Helen and I divided between the two of us and took it over to the dorm.  It wasn't very much on looks but everyone seemed to think it tasted good!

Yesterday we had a softball game with the public school in Barnesville.  We won one, lost the other one.  We (Helen and I) saw J.N. drive off with this other man.  I don't think he saw us.

The letter I got today from Grandma has F-I-V-E dollars in with the card.  The card was really cute – I'll let you see it later if you haven't already.  Will have to send Grandma a thank-you note soon for the card and money.

Only two more weeks of regular classes, then one week (or less) of tests (that's bad!).  Do you think you will be able to come for commencement?

The speaker is really going to be good – she has written a bunch of books – we are reading one of hers now in Bible class.

Did you ever get the book "The Cross and the Switch-Blade"?  If you haven't and if you would be interested I could buy it in the book store here at school. (Price 50¢) It really is a good book.  I think you would like it.

Well, better go –Will try to write more later on in the week.  I'll write Catherine on Sunday if not before – ok?  Hope that meets her approval!


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