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1967 Roberta's Letter -May 25

Thursday – night
[May 25, 1967? – whoops according to the timeline of J.N.'s cake this letter must have been written May 18, not the 25th]

Dear Family,

Hi – got your letter today – the mail really comes when it comes!  I didn't get any mail Tuesday or Wednesday but today I got six letters!  One from you all, Oscar and Elizabeth, Nancy Walker, Betty Smith, Sarah Hinerman and Vanessa Brown!  Wow!  Now I'll probably go another week before I get any more mail!

Included with this letter is a or should I say "the" english test we had today.  We had to put our answers on note-book paper so we got to keep the test – big thrill.  We are now all done with reading plays – I really read some good ones too.  I really enjoyed reading all those plays cause we got to pick which ones we read and didn't have any set amount to read.  We are now on poetry in English.  I think I will enjoy it for teacher Tom is really a good teacher.  He can get a person interested in something they have hated all their lives!  I understand  Julius Caesar much more than when I had it at East Clinton.

Helen and I are going to make J. N. a cake and give it to him next Tuesday.  I have his address so we should have no trouble finding his apartment.  We called up his apartment today and spoke to the woman in charge – she told us he usually got in about 4:30 so we are planning on being there by 5:00.  That will give us time to get back in time for supper and all too.  Don't tell him about it, ok?  We want to surprise him.  We will tell you how it goes later.

As for my grade card – I thought it was pretty good too.  I guess studying can help my grades after all.  Teacher Tom thinks I'm doing alot better now.  I guess I've grown accustom to his sudden calling on me for I think I'm doing alot better in that area.

I'm all caught up with all my work – in fact I'm ahead in some classes now!

Our lunch was fine – we ate everything – don't worry no indigestion!  Today I went to Binns I bought 12 oranges 69¢, 6 grapefruit 69¢, 4 tomatoes 38¢, and a black felt pen 39¢.  Total cost – $2.15!  WOW!  Fruit sure is awfully expensive!  My money is really going down fast.  The food I bought should last me about a week or so!

In Bible we are reading the book "My part in the Quaker Adventure"  by Elise Boulding.  It is really a pretty good book – I understand Quakers alot better now even tho I haven't even finished the book yet.  Elise Boulding is going to be the graduation speaker this year.  She is suppose to be very good – maybe you all can come and hear her.

Did you see Suzanne's dad's picture in Newsweek?  His picture will also be in TImes magaizine soon too.

Tonight I was put on work crew – all I had to do was iron from 4:00-5:00 It wasn't really bad for we had radio on and everybody kept talking – we got alot done too.

Well – got to go!  Study hall will start soon and I made a rule with my-self that I'll never write letters during night study hall unless all work for the next day was done.  Still have my algebra to do.  So!


P.S.  Tell Grandma and Granddad I said "Hi."  Thanks for news paper clippings!

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